8 Best Subwoofers Under $300 in 2022 (Buyer’s Guide & Reviews)

If you’re on a tighter budget and wondering what the best subwoofers under $300 have to offer, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve researched and reviewed the top options.

So, you can simply read through our buyers guide and review to learn everything you need to know about what the best subwoofers within the $300 price range have to offer.

We advise that you consider what your setup is like and the kinds of benefits that you want to receive from a subwoofer. This will be a big help when it comes to reading through the different subwoofers below and knowing which one to choose.

Our Top 8 Picks Of Best Subwoofers Under $300

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Top Pick
Echo Sub
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Yamaha SW315 Check On Amazon
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Dayton Audio SUB-1500 Check On Amazon


Let’s have a look into insights of the best subwoofer under 300 dollars

1. Echo Sub – Powerful subwoofer

Echo Sub - Powerful subwoofer
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  • BUNDLES – We liked how they offer a variety of bundle options with this sub. You can buy it on its own, or with an Echo plus speaker for a higher-quality surround sound experience.
  • WIRELESS – The wireless feature is a huge benefit for people who are looking to have a small sub that they can easily move around. Without the wires, the setup process is also a lot smoother.

Options available:

  • Sub on its own
  • Sub with Echo
  • Sub with Echo plus
  • Charcoal
  • Sandstone
  • Gray

Sound Quality

We were impressed to find that this Echo subwoofer has been fitted with some high-quality components that allow you to listen to music and watch movies with a more immersive experience.

It has been made with Dolby processing power which has been made to an incredibly high standard.

With just one of these speakers, you’re able to achieve a sound that goes 360-degrees around the room. If you were to use 2 of the Echo subs, you’d be able to take the bass sounds to the next level.

The subwoofer works with a down-firing feature. Therefore, it’s able to provide you with sound that can travel across the room.

This also enables you to set the subwoofer up in corners of the room where they’re out of the way.

With 100W of power available, this sub is able to produce some pretty impressive low-frequency sounds.


People have been pleased to find that integrating this subwoofer into their home is very easy. It comes with a Zigbee hub already built-in.

This hub is fantastic as it allows you to have a much easier time setting the subwoofer up. You can connect this sub to an Alexa device as well.

At just 6” in size, you can feel confident in knowing that you won’t have any issues with moving this sub around. Furthermore, it could be an excellent choice for people who have smaller rooms as it doesn’t take up much space.


Since you can connect this sub to an Alexa device, you’re provided with the opportunity to control its settings by using the voice command setting.

As a result, you’re able to ask your Alexa device to play a certain song from Spotify or Amazon Music.


  • Wireless
  • Voice command available
  • Down-firing deep bass sounds


  • Some have issues with the Bluetooth connectivity
  • Remote control could be more durable
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2. Yamaha Corporation of America SW315

Yamaha Corporation of America SW315
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  • INTEGRATION – Terminals are available that let you connect things like a banana plug, as well as a range of other connectors to make the setup process easier.
  • CABINET – The cabinet has been constructed with MDF materials which prevents it from vibrating and causing noise.
  • DESIGN – With a black ash finish, this sub looks excellent as part of a modern living room.

One option available:

  • 10”


This Yamaha subwoofer is powered by a total of 250 watts, which provides it with more than enough power to let you experience movies which wall-shaking bass. This is largely a result of the DTS surround sound and Dolby Digital technology that has been fitted to the sub.

It provides you with a true cinematic experience with 6.1 surround sound. It has a down-firing feature that is able to produce remarkably low frequency sounds that are between 20 and 160 Hertz.

While providing you with this amount of bass, the sub also has amplifiers that work well to make it run more efficiently. Therefore, you can rely on this subwoofer to provide you with consistent bass.

Quatre Dispersion Bass

The quatre dispersion bass technology that has been implemented works fantastically well to let sound fill the room evenly.

It operates with a driver that’s square and has a down-firing function. There are also plates inside that look like mini pyramids and they work to reflect the sound in a total of 4 different directions from the sub.

As a result, you’re able to hear deep bass sounds at super high levels, without the distortion. This is because the quatre dispersion technology works to reduce any of the interference that can happen between the floor and loud booming sounds


You’re able to have total control over this subwoofer. We liked how there’s a volume control that you can turn to alter the volume of the sub. Furthermore, you’re able to control the frequency cut-off.

You’re able to set the frequency for bass sounds between 40 and 140 Hz. If you were to set the sub at a specific frequency within this range, it will only play that frequency or less.

This is great for using it with other speakers and ensuring that the bass doesn’t overshadow the rest of the sounds coming from your system.


  • Reduced distortion
  • Great controls
  • Clear bass sounds


  • Some would prefer if the on/off switch was on the front
  • Standby feature doesn’t work as well as some were hoping
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3. Polk Audio PSW111 – Compact Powered 8″ Subwoofer

Polk Audio PSW111
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  • POWER – This sub is able to work with 150 watts at a continuous rate. However, it’s able to go up to a maximum of 30 watts when used at its peak performance.
  • WOOFER – The Klippel woofer that has been fitted works well to reduce distortion.

One option available:

  • 8”


We liked how this subwoofer comes in a very compact size of just 8”. This makes it an awesome choice if you’ve been looking for a subwoofer to use in a smaller room. It takes up less space.

The all black design is fantastic as well. You can feel confident about setting it up in your living room with the rest of your decor and having it look excellent.

Sound Quality

This subwoofer has been made with a down-firing feature which works effectively to let the sound travel downwards and travel throughout the room while being evenly distributed.

The design of the port is also great for ensuring that the bass you hear is accurate to whatever music your listening to or film you’re watching.

We were impressed with how they’ve fitted a smart compression circuitry system as well. This works effectively to minimize any distortion, even when you have the subwoofer turned all the way up.

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People have been appreciating how easy it is to integrate this subwoofer into the sound system that they already have.

It can be connected to any receiver, which is a great convenience. So, if you already have a sound system, you won’t need to purchase additional items to have this sub hooked up.

When it comes to watching movies, you don’t have to worry about the deep bass sounds from the subwoofer overpowering the other speakers.

Instead, it works to blend the low frequency sounds with the sounds that are coming from your other speakers. As a result, you’re left with a more cinematic experience. also, you will find this sub under $200.


  • Blends well with speakers
  • Down-firing bass sounds
  • Compact & modern design


  • Capacitors can be prone to overheating
  • Amplifiers could be more durable
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4. Klipsch R-10SWi – Wireless Subwoofer

Klipsch R-10SWi - Wireless Subwoofer
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  • GRILLE – The grille that’s available is both strong to keep it durable and flexible to let sound pass through properly. It can also be removed at any time.
  • DESIGN – At 10” in size, this is a nice compact subwoofer that you can slot into smaller spaces.
  • AMP – We liked how the amplifier is completely digital and provides you with accurate bass sounds, while also being energy efficient.

One option available:

  • 10”


People have been loving how this subwoofer has a wireless design. This is because it can make the setup process a lot quicker. There aren’t so many wires to connect.

Instead, you’re able to hook this subwoofer up to your sound system wirelessly and get straight to listening to music and watching movies.

We liked how the frequency available for this sub is 2.4GHz. This means that the chances of any interference from other devices is kept to a minimum.

Therefore, you can be sure that wireless connectivity will remain strong and consistent.


The woofer that’s available has been injected with a special molded graphite material. This provides the woofer with an exceptional amount of strength.

As a result, it’s able to remain very rigid. So, when you turn the subwoofer up to extremely high levels, the woofer won’t move around as much.

Being so rigid and in place, there is a smaller opportunity for it to move around and create rattling noises. Therefore, it’s great for preventing distortion.

It’s also effective at providing you with incredibly deep bass sounds over a consistent basis.


If you were looking for a subwoofer that lets you have more control, this one may be worth considering.

This is because it provides you with total control over the low frequency tones that are available. Therefore, you can be sure to blend in the deeper bass sounds to work well with the rest of your speakers.


  • Wireless
  • Low pass crossover control available
  • Minimized distortion


  • Can make popping sounds when changing inputs
  • Wireless adapter pins could be stronger
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5. BIC America F12 – Front Firing Powered Subwoofer

BIC America F12 - Front Firing Powered Subwoofer
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  • WOOFER – The woofer has been injected with a molded substance that’s great for keeping it rigid and able to produce super deep bass sounds.
  • FRONT-FIRING – With a front-firing system, you’re able to set this subwoofer up in the corner of a room and have it radiate sound evenly.

One option available:

  • 12”

Sound Quality

We liked how this BIC America F12 subwoofer is able to provide you with incredibly loud sounds that can go all the way up to 116 decibels. This provides you with more power than you’d ever need for a home theater setup.

It has been implemented with an excellent low frequency range between 25 and 200Hz. At this frequency levels, you’re able to play bass sounds in their truest form.

The port that’s available has been fitted with a BIC Venturi vent. This vent works remarkably well to ensure that the port is able to operate at extremely high levels without making any noise.

As a result, you’re able to listen to music and watch movies without any irritating distortion.


This sub is powered by a total of 475 watts when it’s working at its peak. We found this to be pretty impressive and it makes the subwoofer an excellent choice for filling out larger rooms with loud booming sounds.

The overall size of the sub is also 12 inch. Therefore, it’s not too large to be a hindrance which can make your job of setting it in place easier.


Users have been appreciating how the subwoofer comes with a range of controls. This includes volume, high level input, automatic signal sensing, and crossover controls.

As a result, you’re provided with total control over the kind of sound that you want to achieve from the sub.

If you were planning to set a subwoofer up to work with the rest of your speakers, the crossover control function will come in handy.

It lets you blend the deeper bass sounds with the higher frequency sounds that come from your other speakers.


  • Crossover controls available
  • Reduced distortion
  • Super powerful


  • Auto on/off feature doesn’t work so well
  • Not so great for music
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6. Definitive Technology ProSub 800 – Powered Subwoofer

Definitive Technology ProSub 800
buy now at amazon
  • AMP – The amplifier allows you to listen to accurate sounds over a consistent period of time.
  • DISTORTION – We were pleased to discover that this bass produces minimal distortion as a result of the high-quality cone.

Options available:

  • Black
  • White

Performance & Bass

The balanced double surround system (BDSS) drivers that have been fitted to this subwoofer provides it with a better excursion rate. As a result, the driver is provided with the ability to produce incredibly loud deep bass sounds.

A 8” woofer is available on the front which helps it to radiate sound throughout the entire room without breaking a sweat.

These features are rare with subwoofers that are more compact like this one is. Furthermore, the front-firing system allows the sound to travel directly towards you.

Furthermore, the interior parts of the sub have been constructed with high-quality materials. Therefore, they’re resistant to vibrating. This allows you to listen to music and watch movies with minimal distortion.


If you were after a subwoofer that can be connected to the sound system you already have, you’ll be glad to hear that this one is easily integratable.

This is because it comes with a variety of line-level and speaker inputs and outputs. Therefore, you can hook it up without too much hassle.


In order to ensure that you’re able to set up this subwoofer exactly how you like, they’ve included a range of awesome adjustability features.

The feet that are available on the bottom of the sub have been made with rubber materials. Therefore, you can feel confident in placing it on hard floors and keeping it securely in place.

People have been surprised to find that the height of the subwoofer can also be adjusted. This is excellent for keeping the sub steady if the floor isn’t completely flat.


  • Easy to integrate
  • Awesome adjustable features
  • Packs plenty of power!


  • Some would prefer if the bass wasn’t so directional
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7. Bic Acoustech PL-200 II Subwoofer

Bic Acoustech PL-200 II Subwoofer
buy now at amazon
  • POLY INJECTION – The poly injection used with this sub help it to create long excursion sounds that are of a high standard.
  • DESIGN – With an all-black design, you can be sure to implement this sub into your modern set up.

One option available:

  • Gloss black
  • 12”


This subwoofer is able to provide you with sounds that can fill the entire room. This is because it has been made with a front-firing design.

Therefore, the sound is able to travel throughout the room evenly. This is helped by the high-quality BASH amplifier that has been implemented as well.

It works effectively to help the sound be clear while being played at high levels. We liked how it’s able to provide you with a frequency of between 22 and 200HZ.

These are the lower frequency sounds that enable the bass to sound crisp. The woofer has been poly injected as well.

Therefore, it’s able to remain strong and avoid vibration when you turn the subwoofer up to high volumes. This is great for minimizing distortion.


When the subwoofer is working at its peak level, it can produce an incredible 1000 watts of power. When it comes to how you’ll be using it most of the time, it has 250 watts of power available.

Therefore, you’re provided with a lot of power for a subwoofer that’s just 12” in size. So, it could be an excellent choice if you have a larger room.


One of the biggest benefits that people have been liking about this sub is that it comes with volume and crossover controls.

As a result, you’re able to have total control over how you listen to the bass sounds. The crossover sounds are particularly beneficial when it comes to setting the subwoofer up with other speakers.

This is because it lets you blend the deeper bass sounds to work well with the higher frequency sounds coming from the rest of your speakers.


  • Crossover controls available
  • Super loud bass sounds
  • Free from distortion


  • Not so great for music
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8. Dayton Audio SUB-1500 – Powered Subwoofer

Dayton Audio SUB-1500
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  • PORT – The port has a down-firing feature which allows the sound to travel directly towards you for an immersive experience.
  • SIZE – With a larger size and more power available, this sub is fantastic for larger rooms.

One option available:

  • 15”

Sound Quality

The sound quality available with this sub is pretty impressive and it allows you to listen to deep bass sounds that are remarkably accurate.

People have been liking how they’re able to play very deep bass sounds that are fantastic when it comes to watching movies.

We were impressed to find that this booming subwoofer also has minimal rattling noises. Therefore, the components on the inside have been made with high-quality materials that keep everything rigid and prevents any annoying rattling sounds.


The setup process for this subwoofer is pretty straight forward. Therefore, it could be a great choice if you’re completely new to integrating subwoofers into your home.

With the manual included, all you need to do is follow the instructions and connect up all of the different cables.

We were pleased to discover that there are different control options available as well. As a result, you can blend the deeper bass sounds with the other sound effects that come from the rest of your surround sound system.


The larger 15” size of this subwoofer may put some people off. However, its larger size is what allows it to be so powerful and create such booming sounds.

We were impressed with how this one looks as well. They’ve used some excellent black vinyl for the finish and it provides the subwoofer with an incredibly sleek design. So, it can slot right into your modern setup.


  • Sleek design
  • Accurate bass sounds
  • Awesome controls available


  • Cabinet materials could be more durable
  • Heavy!
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Buyers Guide on the Best Subwoofers under $300

If you were interested to learn more about the main factors to look out for when it comes to these subwoofers, this buyers guide section is for you.

Wired or Wireless – How to Choose

With technology evolving at a rapid rate, we’re starting to see more wireless subwoofers being introduced. But are they any better compared to the traditional wired ones?

Well, that will depend on the specific one you get. There are some excellent wireless options available that have very strong connectivity. However, there are also wireless subs with poor connectivity which can make your experience pretty bad.

Wireless subwoofers are super easy to set up as well because there are no wires required.

If you would prefer to stick with the wired options, they can actually be a little more reliable. However, you will need to spend a little time connecting all the cables up.

Power – The 2 Types of Wattages Available

The power of a subwoofer is determined by the amount of watts that it can produce. The wattage of a sub will inform you of how much energy the amplifier has to produce.

There is a continuous and peak watt rate with subwoofers. The continuous wattage refers to the amount of power that’s required to produce sound over a more consistent basis.

The peak watts is what the sub can produce when it’s being turned up to its absolute limit.

Designs of Ports

There are two kinds of ports available with subs and they include open and sealed options. So, what’s the difference?

Well, the sealed ports don’t provide you with any access to get to the inside. The subwoofers that have ports will usually let you get to the interior parts.

The subwoofers that have sealed ports are able to produce sounds that are more tight and controlled. This is because there isn’t as much air being flown around. However, this can sometimes be restrictive when it comes to playing sounds at high volumes.

With the open port subs, more air is able to flow around which lets you listen to louder bass sounds. Although, if the cone and woofer haven’t been made with strong materials, it could lead to vibration and noise. want to check more subs under $500.

FAQ of Best Subwoofers Under $300

Should you choose a bigger or smaller subwoofer?

That will depend on the size of your room and the number of subs you’re looking to set up.

If you have a larger room and wanted to set up one sub, a larger one may be the best option. However, you could also choose to use two slightly smaller subwoofers as well.

For those who have smaller rooms, the more compact subs may be a better choice. You can install them and not worry about them taking up too much space.

What’s the difference between passive and powered subwoofers?

Passive subwoofers rely on a power source that’s external to create sound. Powered subs, on the other hand, have a power source already built-in which is usually in the form of an amplifier.

Do you need a subwoofer for a better home theater?

The simple answer is yes.

Your regular speakers are able to produce some excellent sound at mid and higher frequencies. However, without a subwoofer, those deeper, rumbling bass sounds are always going to be missing.

Having a subwoofer can work well with the rest of your speakers to provide you with the full spectrum of frequencies. As a result, you’re able to get closer to the cinematic experience while being in the comfort of your own home.


Now that you’ve had the opportunity to read through our review of what the best subwoofers under $300 have to offer, you’ll be able to pick the one that suits your needs the best.

We recommend that you pay close attention to the main features, as well as any of the cons. This will ensure that you’re able to choose the sub that’s right for your needs and set up.