2021 Best Subwoofer Reviews

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It’s no secret that every audio enthusiast likes their bass. Whether you have a simple speaker system or a whole home theater setup, you can bring your favorite sounds to life with bass. That’s because it’s not only action movies or dancefloor classics that depend on the bass response to sound their best. A low-frequency can add tension to even the subtlest scenes and music—and getting the best subwoofer is the best way to do it. Although you can ‘survive’ with a regular set of speakers, subwoofers can make a massive difference, helping you ‘feel’ the sounds better—leading to a more immersive experience.

It’s not just the inevitable boost to the low-end that comes from a top-quality subwoofer. It’s the overall richness of the sounds. These dedicated subwoofers are made explicitly for producing low-end frequencies. While a standard speaker is more capable of reproducing ‘audible bass,’ a subwoofer targets a low-end frequency range, resulting in the signature ‘rumble’ you can feel. In this guide, we’ve reviewed the top subwoofers available on the market right now, and each one can seamlessly perform, no matter the size of your room or the quality of your speakers.

That said, here are the subwoofers.

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SVS SB-3000 Subwoofer
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Best Subwoofer Products

Subwoofers are speakers dedicated to reproducing bass, which is the deep and shaking tones of kick drums, synthesizers, and bass guitars, alongside the crashes and explosions you’d see in your favorite movies and TV shows. A sub can add the extra bass and a higher maximum volume to a set of speakers. Bass is crucial as it’s what makes music and the different sounds more alive, and without it, most tunes wouldn’t seem as realistic and enjoyable. After all, there’s no denying that most listeners would love having some amount of bass.

Although a budget subwoofer would still have decent performance, most dedicated or audio enthusiasts would prefer getting a subwoofer designed for high performance rather than a lower price, as they’ll naturally sound clearer when reproducing music or movie soundtracks. Anyone serious about sound quality, especially individuals who love listening to hip-hop, rap, heavy metal, and watching action movies, should get top-quality subwoofers to get the most out of your favorite songs and films. Subwoofers are like power tools, and when there’s a higher level of power, the costs almost always substantially increase—resulting in a better performance.

With that in mind, here are our top picks for the best subwoofers perfect for a home theater system or even your car audio setup.

SVS SB-3000 Subwoofer

The SVS SB subwoofer series is popular in the industry, with its previous SVS SB-1000 taking over the market by storm. However, the brand decided to make it bigger and released its newest SVS SB-3000 subwoofer, boasting chest-thumping sound output and low-frequency extension with top-quality refinement and musicality. It features the company’s first 13-inch high-excursion SVS driver, boasting over 800 watts RMS and more than 2,50 peak power. It can produce stunning output with perfect clarity and flawless tonal accuracy, delighting hardcore audiophiles and homeowners looking to give their home audio subwoofers an upgrade.


  • 13-inch High-Excursion SVS Driver
    The subwoofer series comes with an all-powerful 13-inch SVS driver, delivering punishing levels of low-end frequency output, all while maintaining crisp speed in transients by stopping and beginning on a dime with maximum precision.
  • Sledge STA-800D2 Amplifier For Maximum Power
    The powered subwoofer is rated at 800 watts RMS, and over 2,5000 watts peak power, alongside its Sledge STA-800D2 amplifier, maximizing the sound quality of the subwoofers with effortless power and full control. It boasts a design combining the efficiency of a Class D amp with the ability to move vast amounts of current through its discrete MOSFET.
  • SVS Smartphone App For Convenient Management and Control
    The SVS 3000-SB Series subwoofer app is the easiest way to control volume and access several DSP functions and program custom presets, allowing users to optimize music, movie, and gaming sounds with a single touch. It also lets you adjust crossover point frequencies, polarity, three-band parametric EQ, and room.


  • Unlike its predecessor, the SB-1000 series that only had a small driver, the SB-3000 boasts a front-firing 13-inch high excursion SVS driver, making it more powerful.
  • It comes with a powerful Sledge 800 watts RMS and over 2,500 watts of peak power, alongside a discrete metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) channel output.
  • The sub-series comes in a Bluetooth controlled digital signal processor (DSP) and control app, compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • It has a bass frequency response of 18Hz to 270Hz ±3 dB

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Q Acoustics Q B12 Subwoofer

The QB 12 series is the first-ever subwoofer released by Q Acoustics. It features 12inch drivers powered by a low-distortion 220-watt amplifier, producing robust bass response alongside a 50 mm voice coil for minimal thermal compression—providing the best bass frequency response safely.


  • All-Action Subwoofer
    The subwoofer’s 220-watt of Class D power driving features 12inch driver unit sounds, emphasizing movie and music to its littlest sound effects. After all, there are no too loud, deep, or powerful sounds for the Q B12 series to handle. Besides impressive power, no sub is complete without control, and the Q B12 is easy to control, allowing you to describe the nuances of a double bass.
  • Designed to Integrate Without Issues
    The sub’s unique cabinet features an innovative design, delivering maximum stiffness to its motor system, minimizing its influence on deep bass sounds. It also has a reinforced Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) cabinet.
  • Elegant Finishes
    This QB 12 series has four elegant finish options that can help you complete the look of your home theater, ranging from matt to gloss shades in colors of black and white.


  • The Q B12 series is the first-ever subwoofer from Q Acoustics to feature a 12inch driver.
  • Its big long-throw driver gets its power from a low-distortion 220-watt Class D amplifier for robust bass response, featuring a 50mm voice coil for reduced thermal compression.
  • It comes with a unique sealed, ‘infinite baffle’ cabinet, providing maximum stiffness to its motor system.
  • The product comes in black and white finishes to complete the look of Q B12 series subwoofers.

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Q Acoustics 3060s Active Subwoofer

The 3060s Series subwoofer is among the most compactly designed subs from Q Acoustics, boasting an innovative design with controlled bass systems, enhancing your overall sound music or movie experience. It ensures flawless delivery of all nuances of cinematic explosions’ subtle rumbles using a 150-watt amp and 20mm driver. Unlike most subwoofers, the 3060s doesn’t take the form of a bulk cube, featuring a sleek and modern design. Its Hi-Fi system provides a musical and experience like no other, pioneering the concept or definitive technology.


  • Definitive Technology and Innovation
    The 3060s series uses technology that the rest of Q Acoustics uses, making it a powerful and appealing subwoofer, boasting a 200mm driver and robust 150-watt amplifier.
  • Discrete Design
    All controls and connections the subwoofer has are hidden inside its magnetic watch with a down-facing port instead of the traditional front-facing design—making it discrete.
  • Seamless Setup
    Because of its unique and minimal design, the subwoofer is relatively easy to install, allowing anyone to finish a seamless setup.


  • The 3060s active subwoofer can deliver all nuances of an acoustic double bass or the rumbles of movie explosions using its 150-watt amp alongside a high-performance 200mm driver.
  • This subwoofer series is one of the slimmest subwoofers you can get, fitting discreetly into any home cinema and larger rooms, feature a mountable wall function with optional wall brackets.
  • Instead of the traditional front-facing design, the sub has all its controls and connections behind a magnetic hatch with a down-facing port.

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Audioengine S8

The Audioengine S8 subwoofer series boasts a fast woofer designed for optimal audio and theater performance in one small package. It has an 8-inch customer subwoofer that’s small enough to put in the tightest corner or behind furniture—boasting an anti-resonant steel frame and durable rubber speaker surround for more precise low-end frequencies. Its bottom-firing and front-ported design mean you can hear fast and accurate bass without distortion, even at the maximum volume levels.


  • Accurate Bass Extension
    The S8 series from Audioengine features a perfect bass extension, promoting better performance for games, movies, and tunes. It delivers excellent sound performance and can blend well with other speakers.
  • Easy to Install and Use
    It comes with dual audio inputs on its rear panel, making the setup straightforward and fast.
  • 8-Inch Custom Woofer
    It has a fast subwoofer designed for optimal sound and home theater performance, featuring a sturdy steel frame and robust rubber speaker for precise low-end frequencies,


  • Similar to Speedwoofer 10s, this 8-inch powered subwoofer is all powered in one compact design.
  • It’s 100% wireless, ensuring a cable-free setup.
  • It comes with an auto-sleep or power-saving mode to help you enjoy your music and movie more responsibly.
  • It comes with dual line-level input, including the RCA and mini-jack.
  • The subwoofer series is compatible with surround sound receivers.

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Polk Audio HTS

The Polk Audio HTS 10-inch sub-series can improve home theater and music listening thanks to its robust deep bass, featuring a long-throw dynamic balance 10-inch driver. It uses definitive technology and a top-of-the-line 200-way Class D amplifier, allowing you to easily access controls for volume, phase corrections, and low pass filters. You can connect via LFE or stereo line-level RCA inputs, bringing convenience to top-quality sounds.


  • Deep Bass
    Whether you’re setting up a new pair of JL Audio surround sound or ATMOS speakers, adding in a Polk Audio subwoofer can bring your music and home cinema experience to the next level—delivering powerful bass.
  • Dynamic Balance
    Drivers Like Speedwoofer 10s, it comes with a front-firing 10inch river using the sub’s dynamic balance technology that’s Klippel optimized, offering better linearity and minimized distortion.
  • Power Port Technology
    It uses a unique power port floor-firing design, providing smooth transitions of airflow from the speakers to your listening spot, bringing your sounds to life.


    • It comes with a front-firing 10inch driver using the subwoofer’s dynamic balance technology, providing cleaner and more precise bass.
    • Just like Speedwoofer 10s and JL Audio subwoofers, this Polk Audio sub boasts a sleek, sensual yet robust look, fitting in with any living room or overall home decor.
    • It lets you connect through LFE or stereo line-level RCA input for maximum convenience.

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Cerwin-Vega SL-10S 10″ Powered Subwoofer

    • Complete your sound systems or make your existing one even better with the popular Cerwin-Vega’s newest sub, the SL-10s 10-inch powered subwoofer. It features a built-in amp dedicated to producing high-quality, low-frequencies while giving the ‘power’ your favorite movies and songs need. The sub features a classic style housed in a reflex cabinet reinforced to hold the compact woofer and internal amplifier with adjustable settings, bringing the best out of different sounds.


      • Iconic and Innovative Design
        This Cerwin-Vega subwoofer SL 10-inch woofer series boasts the same legendary power and fantastic sound quality that the brand is known for, allowing you to enjoy your favorite songs and movies to the best potential.
      • Classic Styling
        Besides power, the subwoofer boasts excellent style following the sub’s classic styling, allowing the owner to complete their home cinema’s aesthetic look.
      • Built-In Amp for the Best Results
        The sub comes with a built-in dedicated to reproducing loud and low frequencies, providing better and ‘punchy sounds’ that the brand is famously known for in the audiophile community. Plus, it lets you customize it for competition purposes.


      • Just like Speedwoofer 10s, this 10-inch woofer comes with a large motor, producing top-quality and ‘punchy’ bass.
      • It also comes with an internal 150-watt amplifier, providing optimal and high sound output.
      • The sub comes with a reflex cabinet, promoting better extended low-end frequencies.
      • It features a classic styling enclosure with a removable grille for better management and maintenance.

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Klipsch R-120SW Subwoofer

The classic 112sw sub-series upgrade is the Klipsch R-120sw subwoofer, providing deep sounds that can help you feel like you’re part of the action on screen, offering low-frequency punches down to 29Hz, making action-packed movies have a new level of realism even in large rooms. These home theater subwoofers feature a built-in 200-watt RMS amp, powering it while ensuring controlled and precise sounds.


  • Light and Durable
    It uses injection-molded graphite (IMG) cones that are light and strong, providing incredible low-frequency response alongside reduced breakup or distortion.
  • Customized Sounds
    This subwoofer has a menu set with phase controls to allow the users to produce lower frequencies that perfectly blend with other speakers, establishing the ideal level of deepness in your listening spot.
  • Flexible Placements
    It comes with a high-performing front-firing driver designed to offer deep sounds regardless of its placement in the room, giving owners more placement options.


  • Like its classic runner up, the 112sw, the R-120sw features a 12″ front-firing IMG spun-copper woofer.
  • It boasts a 200-watt RMS amplifier and more than 400 watts of peak power.
  • It comes with automatic power on and off features to help you save energy.

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BIC Acoustech

The newest and up-to-date BIC Acoustech PL-200 II subwoofer provides improved performance and flexible placement than its original runner up, PL-200. It’s powered by a unique ‘BASH’ amplifier that can deliver up to a whopping 1000 watts of dynamic peak output, bringing any sound to life. It features a heavy-duty design that lets the 12inch woofer move a substantial amount of air volume with full control, perfect for song and theater applications. Its new dual flared front port menu allows for a smoother transition of sounds into the room while boosting lower frequencies down to 20Hz.


  • Easy Setup The subwoofer is relatively easy to set up, and all you need to do is plug its power cable and connect it to the RCA receiver.
  • Elegant Enclosure It features an elegant enclosure boasting a hand-rubbed black lacquer on its top and bottom, ensuring its cabinet ends up with a deep-gloss shine and is scratch-resistant.
  • Wide Port Flares Its wide port flares can remove all port noise while increasing cabinet bracing, further eliminating unwanted vibrations for cleaner sounds.


  • It comes with a front-firing 12inch powered subwoofer using its top-of-the-line BASH amplifier.
  • It boasts a whopping 1000-watt dynamic peak output and more than 250 watts RMS.
  • The sub features a poly-injected system with higher power magnets and long excursions for better durability.

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BIC America F12

The 12inch front-firing BIC America subwoofer uses a high-current of 475 watts using BASH technology combined with an injection molded long-throw subwoofer. It also features a unique “Venturi” vent that removes port noise, producing cleaner and crisp sounds. It comes with adjustable crossovers, volume controls, and signal sensing for an optimal sound experience—creating top-quality movie and gaming sounds.


  • Simple and Effective Design
    The BIC America F12 subwoofer boasts a plain black box, with an MDF board and black lamination enclosure, providing a sleek and modern look. It has rubber feet to help stabilize it, allowing users to enjoy their favorite movies and songs with ease.
  • Easy Setup Process
    Like with JL Audio and most top-quality subwoofers, the BIC America F12 is simple to set up. All you need to do is plug in the power cable and connect its receiver via its sub input.
  • Top Sound Performance
    It’s one of the best budget subwoofers available and produces consistent, top-quality volumes alongside great frequency separation, providing impactful musical and move sounds output.


  • Like with most JL Audio products, ones from BIC features an injection-molded long-throw woofer for better durability.
  • Its unique and patented “Venturi” vent eliminates as much port noise as possible.
  • It comes with an adjustable crossover, volume control, and fully automatic signal sensing.

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JBL SUBBP12AM – 12” amplified 12” Subwoofer

This JBL subwoofer can deliver over 150 watts of powered noise-free sounds because of its unique slipstream port technology, engineered to keep airflow within the port as turbulence-free as possible. It produces some of the best sounds possible when you couple it with its built-in 150-watt RMS amplifier.


  • Slipstream Port Technology
    Its unique and patented slipstream port technology can remove any turbulence, eliminating noise and inarticulate sounds.
  • Powerful Output
    It features a 12inch sub that can bring the ‘effect’ and ‘feel’ of its sounds thanks to its polypropylene cone and rubber surround—resulting in an overall quality sound output.
  • Compact Design
    This subwoofer features a compact design, allowing users to store it virtually anywhere without disrupting speaker systems.


  • Like the MartinLogan Dynamo sub, this JBL 12inc sub comes with a sturdy polypropylene cone for fewer vibrations and other disturbances.
  • It comes with built-in passive radiators, a 150 watt RMS amplifier, and more than 450 watts of peak power.
  • It comes with speaker-and line-level input channels for easy setup.

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Getting the Most of Your Subwoofer

There’s always been an exchange between loudness and dynamics regarding optimal sound quality and production. However, a low-end frequency range is less clear than mid-range to high-end frequencies, leading most individuals to blast a subwoofer for volume—but the habit can quickly drown audio definition, leading to distorted bass. Fortunately, all sound systems have a ‘sweet spot,’ which is the range where a sub delivers the right amount of punch without overwhelming the gentler frequencies. That said, there are vital points you need to remember when getting the best performance possible from a subwoofer, including:

  • Subwoofer Placement
    When it comes to ensuring a subwoofer produces quality and low bass, you need to find the perfect location for it. It’s a general rule among speakers, but subwoofers are typically more challenging to position correctly. You can place a subwoofer between the mains speakers you have and keep it at least 6 to 12 inches away from the front wall or put a sub on a side wall, halfway between your front and rear walls. If neither works for you, it’s time to get on your hands and knees and begin ‘crawling for bass.’
    It’s a strategy involving moving the subwoofer slowly around the room while intently listening for the best quality bass production. Although it may sound simple, it can be challenging since sound waves reflect off walls and things. These can either reinforce or cancel one another, and the last thing you’d want is an amp bass zone in your listening place.
  • Subwoofer Connections
    Depending on the subwoofer’s brand or model, either they’re Speedwoofer 10s or a Sonos sub, there might be more than one way to hook a subwoofer to a sound system. For instance, they may have a left or right stereo receiver, line-in, or sub input. If its cables have to encounter other wirings, it’s best to have them cross at 90 degrees.
  • Subwoofer Settings
    After finding the best spot for your subwoofers, you can tune it further for the best sounds possible. Before you play the sub, make sure to adjust the crossover point. If you’re using a large floor-standing main speaker, set the subs’ crossover in the low-end frequency range of 40Hz to 60 Hz. However, if you’re using small bookshelf speakers, put its crossover around 50Hz to 80Hz. Then, for tiny satellite speakers, place it between 80Hz and 160 Hz. Turn on their power and set the sub using the volume knob to your preferred level.
    Additionally, it’s best to adjust its phase control if available. It compensates for delays between a subwoofer and main speaker. You can begin with the phase control in its normal or ‘0’ position. If the subs’ sound quality is all right from your preferred listening position, you don’t need to make any changes. However, if it sounds too ‘thin’ or lacks bass, adjust it until satisfactory. Finally, make further adjustments to the stereo audio equalizer for your desired sound.

What is the Most Powerful Subwoofer?

The world’s ‘most powerful subwoofer’ is the Thigpen Rotary Woofer Model 17 or TRW 17 for short, breaking new grounds at the bottom of the sonic spectrum. It’s got its reputation thanks to its ability to reproduce sounds with low frequencies, going as low as 1Hz. Regular subwoofers usually only have a low-end frequency range of 20Hz to 200Hz, and while a human’s ears can barely hear below 20Hz, it’s still possible to ‘feel’ the sound. The TRW 17 doesn’t have an enclosure, boasting a unique fan-like design that wafts a cone of modulated air into your living room, efficiently turning it into a resonating box.

It’s nothing like a traditional subwoofer, having a motor spinning a set of blades at constant speeds and the incoming audio signals modulating its pitch or angle following the signal’s waveform. Its unique structure allows it to launch an acoustic sound wave both forward and back from the spinning blades, and the more significant changes in blade pitch, the better the amplitude of the resulting sound waves. A conventional cone diaphragm loses most of its efficiency as soon as it drops below 20Hz, forcing the diaphragm to displace four times as much air to achieve the same sound output levels. In contrast, the acoustic impedance of the TRW 17 closely matches the surrounding air, enabling it to produce lower frequencies at higher levels.

What is the Hardest Hitting 12-inch Subwoofer?

If you like listening to different music and enjoy heavy bass, a 12-inch driver or subwoofer is ideal. The 12-inch sub is the most common model you’d find in the marketplace. That’s because they’re versatile and work with most cars and home theater setups. Plus, they’re suitable for almost all kinds of music, producing heavy and low bass while covering a more in-depth range of low-end frequencies. However, keep in mind that they can’t naturally keep with fast-paced tunes like heavy rock and metal as well as a 10-inch subwoofer like the MartinLogan dynamo. But they usually sound fantastic for other music varieties. So, you may wonder, what’s the hardest-hitting 12-inch subwoofer?

Any of the 12-inch variations featured on our list are some of the best in its category. However, a notable one is the SVS SB-1000, boasting versatile depth, power, and intensity of a top-quality subwoofer. It’s small enough to conceal in a home theater space or your car, thanks to its 12-inch 12-inch front-firing driver and 300 watts RMS, and 700+ watts peak power amplifier—energizing any room with deep bass. Other brands like Polk Audio and JL Audio also produce some hard-hitting of the best 12-inch driver models. Keep in mind that when operating subwoofers, there are two ways you can do that, passive and powered.

For quality and powerful bass, the best option is a passive subwoofer. Passive subwoofers often contain enclosed woofers that need to be connected to an amplifier, producing ‘cleaner’ sounds and flexibility. Meanwhile, a powered subwoofer has enclosures, with the woofer powering the subs themselves, and though they’re easier to understand, they don’t provide the level of sound quality. Plus, the higher the RMS, the louder and more powerful it will become over time.

What is the Best Subwoofer on the Market?

Having the best subwoofers can add a whole new level of audio to your home theater and car, helping round out your system and supporting your speakers where required in low frequencies. Some of the best subs in the market are from any of the brands we featured alongside JL audio, Speedwoofer 10s, and Sonos sub. With that in mind, here’s a couple of things you need to know about the speaker’s design and materials to help you find the best home subwoofers for you.

  • Woofer – A subwoofer’s woofer can help you see the speaker’s overall responsiveness and sound quality. Generally, the stiffer and lighter the material used, the more efficient a sub is. A common material used for its cone is polypropylene, alongside woven fabrics like carbon and kevlar. You can also find aluminum and titanium in high-quality and higher-end subwoofers.
  • Woofer Surrounding – The subwoofer surround sound is a crucial aspect of the speaker system and sound effects. Most high-end subwoofers use durable, light, and free-moving materials to enable the woofer to move with as little energy as possible—ensuring a top-notch build quality. These are essential to ensure a long-lasting and top-performing speaker as well. As speakers become older and used, humidity levels and general wear and tear can damage them or even break their surroundings. Rubber surroundings usually last the longest and perform the best.
  • Power Handling – There are several power handling ratings for subwoofers and speakers, the most important ones being RMS or continuous power handling and sensitivity. Many manufacturers used to sell the ‘peak’ handling more since it’s a higher number than the RMS, but RMS is more critical. Sensitivity is another crucial measure of the best of the best subs. It’s the measure of efficiency, so the higher the sensitivity, the better sound quality.
  • Enclosure Specs – A measure unique to each subwoofer is the enclosure specs. There are two kinds of enclosures, the sealed and ported enclosures. A sealed enclosure is essentially a concealed box, and it’s excellent for clean bass with little distortion and is the ‘standard’ when it comes to well-defined bass. Meanwhile, ported enclosures usually have holes in the box to port sound and are best for outdoor applications.

The best ‘sub’ will usually depend on your specific needs and preferences, but ensure that before you buy one, check if they pass everything mentioned—giving you top-quality sounds with ease.

What is the Best Place for a Subwoofer?

Adding subwoofers to your home theater system, car stereo system, or any other audio system can drastically improve your music and movie listening experience. However, besides choosing a ‘good subwoofer,’ you’ll need to find the right location or place the speaker to get the best results possible. Here’s what you need to consider when looking for your subwoofer’s best location.

  • Consider the Speakers’ Cords – If your subwoofer needs a direct wire hookup to a receiver, you’ll need to ensure you can hide the wires wherever you intend on placing the speaker. That’s because wires lying across the floor are relatively easy to step on and can damage the wire’s connection between the sub and receiver.
  • Don’t Forget the Corner and Walls – A speaker situated in the corner of a room can increase its output, causing the sub to sound louder. So, try placing your subwoofer in a corner and see how it sounds. But, depending on your home theater floor space, corners may not be an excellent choice for your sub, especially if it’s too far from your ‘listening’ area. If a sub’s proximity to a flat wall, it may cause an unpleasant and rumbling sound. Plus, if your subwoofer has a ‘ported’ design, it’s best to keep it twice the port’s diameter, which usually is between 6 to 12 inches away from a wall to enable airflow out of it.
  • Finding the ‘Sweet’ Spot – A great thing about subwoofers is that you can place them nearly anywhere on your floor space—and there’s no ‘formula’ for choosing the best spot, and it’s usually up to your personal preference. To find the best sound quality of your subwoofer, begin by hooking it up and play some music or a movie with plenty of deep sounds, then sit down at a place where you’ll be spending most of your time listening to them. Then, move the speaker around until it sounds ‘ideal’ to you.

If you have ample space that you’re trying to cover with smooth and encompassing bass and can’t seem to find a location that produces the best sounds and bass response—adding a second sub to even out the sound is ideal.

Introducing the Wireless Subwoofer

A subwoofer is an essential part of any audio system and media room, but having a full-sized one means you need to deal with another cable running through your wall or ground. Fortunately, today, you don’t need to worry about messy or dangling wires, thanks to the wireless subwoofer. Now you can choose a spot for your subwoofer and even hide it from plain sight without worrying about dealing with connection cables. They often come with an amplifier, transmitter, and the subwoofer itself. It lets you configure it independently, adjusting settings while creating harmony with your audio setup.

A wireless subwoofer receives audio signals through different connections, ranging from radiofrequency, Bluetooth, WiFi, and infrared. It generally works like your traditional wired subwoofers, except for one thing, its way of transmitting audio signals. If you’re using a wired subwoofer, you’ll notice you can only connect it to an amplifier with a connection cable responsible for sending data. These cables can be optical, auxiliary jack, HDMI, coaxial, or RCA—which all can be challenging to organize. Luckily, with wireless subwoofers, you don’t need to worry about these. All you need to do is connect a transmitter to the amplifier and connect its receiver to the subwoofer.

Advantages of a Small Subwoofer

The standard mini or ‘small subwoofer‘ is usually 8 inches tall that can fit in compact or small spaces. Generally, the smaller the subwoofer, the quicker, more responsive, and punchier it is. An 8-inch woofer can keep with faster-paced music, making it perfect for heavy rock, electronic, and double bass. Subwoofers can help you enhance dynamic range, achieve a ‘deep’ bass response, and improve the sounds’ midrange and bass, making songs and movies more alive—and a smaller sub is an excellent choice for individuals who enjoy soft and light bass. Although most people would assume that large subwoofers are needed, it’s still possible to get a lot of power from a compact subwoofer. That said, here are the advantages of using small subwoofers.

  • Speakers – With a small subwoofer, the speakers you have in your home theater or car doesn’t need to get replaced, and you can just hook them up to your pre-existing setup. Meanwhile, large subwoofers produce a lot of power, and they often require new speakers that can take that additional load.
  • Music/Sound – Small subwoofers are ideal for fast-paced and ‘lighter’ music, making them perfect for jazz and classical music as they don’t depend on bass.
  • Placement – The best advantage of the smallest best budget subwoofer is its size. Thanks to its compact design, you can add the speaker anywhere in your home theater systems or vehicles.
  • Flexibility – Most small subwoofers don’t need additional bass, making it easier for them to add to other subs, serving as a makeshift amplifier that does the job well. It’s a good option for individuals looking to ‘adjust’ the sound production their subwoofers make.

Keep in mind that an 8-inch subwoofer is better as a complimenting feature of a home theater or car audio system rather than overwhelming it. So, this may not be the best choice for you if you like heavy and loud bass.

Conclusion: Subwoofer Reviews

If you’re looking to add a bit of bass to your home theater, the collection of the best home subwoofer reviews we featured are some of the best and top picks you can get in the market. All are dedicated speakers specifically made for reproducing lower sound frequencies. Although your typical speaker is more capable of creating audible bass, a subwoofer mainly targets a lower frequency range, responsible for its signature rumble that you can feel—bringing the sounds to life.

When buying a new sub, you should list the crucial factors that only the best perfects, including the size, placement, and overall power of the device—and ensure the one you’re considering has them all. When deciding on the size of the sub you want to buy, make sure to compare its measurements to not only the overall size of a room but other equipment in your home audio system as well. If you end up with a subwoofer that’s too big or small, it’ll be ‘off balance’ with other devices mounted in your existing arrangement, leading to audio distortion, and nobody wants that.

So, keep in mind that the best home subwoofer should seamlessly fit into any sound system or create an excellent speaker system on its own. We hope this article helped you find the best subwoofer for your specific needs, helping you bring your favorite sounds and music to life.

The SVS SB subwoofer series is popular in the industry, with its previous SVS SB-1000 taking over the market by storm.

It features the company’s first 13-inch high-excursion SVS driver, boasting over 800 watts RMS and more than 2,50 peak power.


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