How to Do Correct Subwoofer Wiring

Following proper subwoofer wiring matters as they enhance the overall sound quality of your speakers and systems. It improves the shielding added to the cables, improving the analog signal sent through the wires, reducing distortion, and providing the best output possible. In this guide, we’ll help you determine the best choice from the following diagrams … Read more

What Is The Best Bass Frequency Range?

Music without some vibration thumps has never been anything worth enjoying. Most people love it when their music is produced with some rich bass as it gives them some enthralling experience to their whole body. Today, speakers sold in the market all come with different frequencies as some have lower hertz while others produce high … Read more

What Is Bass?

Bass is a word with several meanings, as each meaning has a different pronunciation. A bass sound or instrument is the deepest sound produced. In a choir, it refers to the guy who has the lowest voice. Such a person is said to be singing the bass part. Bass can have a high vowel sound … Read more

The Basics of Subwoofer Box Design

Many people are aware of a subwoofer speaker’s power, helping you bring your favorite sounds and music to life. However, not many know about the importance of the subwoofer box design. It’s essential to have a proper enclosure designed and built for a subwoofer for these components to yield the best possible results, giving you … Read more