Klipsch R-10SW Review: Features, Benefits, Drawbacks & Customer’s Feedback

This review will help you understand the Klipsch R-10SW better. It is a high output subwoofer comprising of a strong amplifier. Since it is made by Klipsch which is well known for coming up with high end and top quality products in the audio world, this subwoofer ranks among the top in the market.

It is compact and lightweight compared to most of the other subwoofers in the market. Its main function is the phase switch and the crossover control options. We do hope that you will be in a position of making the right decision if or not to purchase the R-10sw by the time you are through with reading this Klipsch R-10SW review.

Let’s have a quick look on Klipsch R-10SW specs


  • Type of Amplification: All digital
  • Handling power: 150W
  • Power peak: 300w
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Shield of the magnet: Yes
  • Range of response: 64-24k Hz
  • Size of Woofer: 10”
  • Warranty period: 5 Years
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Maximum output of acoustic: 112db


Klipsch R-10SW Showcase
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What’s in the Box?

  • Cables
  • Subwoofer
  • Warranty
  • User Manual

Klipsch R-10SW Features

Setting Up

The setup process of the Klipsch R-10SW is quite simple and easy. You will never get anything complex when it comes to assembling this product. It comes with a user manual that is easy to understand, well detailed and has a step by step guide on how to use the item.

During the setup process, I did realize that it is possible to place the subwoofer on different types of surfaces thanks to its easy to use and convenient design. Mounting the subwoofer is easy and it can be firmly fixed without any shaking.

However, it is never possible to mount this subwoofer on the ceiling as it lacks rigging points. It comes with an AC adapter and it is well wired. One does have an option of going for the wireless option of connection. The low-frequency effect input, line level, and bass reflective port are all situated at the units’ rear part. It does not have a plug at the front.

Performance and Sound Quality

The settings of Klipsch R-10SW offer great flexibility and bass performance. The response of the frequency can vary from 32 to 120 Hz and does have a frequency crossover level of 40 to 160 Hz. It comes with a digital amplifier of 300 watts that helps in reproducing the sound. The low-frequency response is considered to be the better option by most of its users due to the subwoofers’ solid injection modeling feature.

You can never hear any sound or clipping distortion whenever you are watching or listening to music or movie. You will not hear any annoying air coming from the woofer. The R-10SW will offer you a great audio experience by mixing tones of low frequency whenever you are using different speaker types.


This subwoofer is made from a brushed veneer polymer and is painted in black color which is not that great although it still looks great. What makes the subwoofer completely standout from the crowd is the copper cone that is situated in the middle. This cone has been adjusted using 8 black nails and has the Klipsch logo situated at the subwoofer’s upper side.

There is a support rack that is grey in color that fits well into the subwoofers’ design making it has an elegant look. It has a simple back design with the company’s logo at the top and bottom on the subwoofer.

Weighing 25 lbs, you can comfortably place it in the studio or any other room. Its universal design and black colors make it compatible with other items in the studio or room.


The R-10SW does have a price range of $200-$260 that is relatively cheap in relation to the specs offered. Considering the international warranty it offers, this speaker is considered to be a great investment. The cost of the Klipsch R-10SW acts as its biggest selling point.

Other Features


R-10SW is a companion woofer that can get along with any other product from Klipsch.  Its main role is to ensure bass is added to the 5.1 system making it compatible with a wide range of other speakers in the market.

The IMG Woofer

This is the main reference component designed to offer the R-10SW a low and natural frequency and an outstanding deep response with little breakup cone that offers the response bass a big punch.

It is a perfect module for the speaker systems that stand on the floor and can support all the Klipsch 5.1 system. The woofer size is completely humongous offering the user a more bass. It comes with a solid bass that makes the model great for larger rooms.

All digital amplifiers

The R-10SW comes with a digital amplifier that is all built-in ensuring it delivers great power with high-quality efficiency and very accurate in its reproduction. The amplifier is capable of delivering dynamic power of 300 watts that is way above the requirements for small and large-sized rooms.


  • Made using copper and black design that fits perfectly well in the settings.
  • Comes with a removable grill that offers versatility
  • The case is not that large which helps in the subwoofer’s bendability
  • It comes with a powerful and amazing bass response which delivers a solid kick
  • Offers bass of seismic levels that is great with volumes of low frequency
  • Compatible with all other audio systems from Klipsch
  • Speakers re of great construction hence making a better long term investment
  • Very durable subwoofers due to the high quality of construction materials used


  • The set is a mere companion and is never the full set
  • Lack of modifications and colors

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Video: Klipsch R-10SW Subwoofer


R-10sw Customer’s reviews from Amazon

“After going through some reviews of people complaining about this subwoofer, I almost gave up on making a purchase. However, decided to take the risk and find it really great. ”

“I used to won the Klipsch 15” Premiere Reference Subwoofer. Never expected much from the r10sw but after trying it out, it completely blew me away. ”

“This is one subwoofer I really had a negative feeling about. However, the first time I tested it I was completely blown away. It is such an amazing product available at a reasonable price. ”

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Klipsch company banner

Klipsch – About the Company

Founded back in 1946 by Paul W. Klipsch, Klipsch was based in Indianapolis, Indiana in America. This company has a reputation for making top-notch audio systems. Its products are made using top-quality construction materials which is proof of durability. The company comes with a vibrant customer care system that helps users in case of any problem.

Never hesitate to invest in Klipsch products if you are in need of top audio systems.

Final words

Klipsch R-10SW is a top subwoofer with an elegant look that can fit in any interior. It comes with amplifiers with a nominal 150w and 300w. Although the features are not that high, this subwoofer is still in a position of providing accurate and deep bass. It performs well in high frequencies and is very rare in most subwoofers available in the market.

One great benefit that comes with this subwoofer is that it produces a low-frequency response of high quality and control bass levels with phase and crossover options. The subwoofer comprises all the important options of connections and capable of working with all speakers wired or wireless. It comes with an auto on and off option that helps in making this product more convenient.

For sure, this is the best subwoofer when you consider the price compared with the quality. Its features enable on to make adjustments on the sound playback level when inside any room although it performs best in small to medium rooms.