10 Best Subwoofer Under $1000 in 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Are you interested in learning what the best subwoofers under $1,000 have to offer? If so, you’re in the right place.

There are so many different features to take into consideration prior to purchasing a sub. First of all, we recommend that you consider how you want to be using the sub.

Is it for a home theater system, studio, or your car? 

With those considerations in mind, check out our review to discover what makes the subwoofers below so great.

Check out this top 10 list of best subwoofer under 1000 dollar

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JBL EON618S Self-Powered Subwoofer Check On Amazon
SVS PB-2000 Subwoofer

SVS PB-2000 Subwoofer 

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Electro-Voice EKX18SP Check On Amazon
Monolith Powered Subwoofer Check On Amazon
Klipsch R-115SW Subwoofer Check On Amazon
 KRK 12S2 Powered Studio Subwoofer Check On Amazon
Sonos Sub - Best Wireless Subwoofer Check On Amazon
Yamaha Powered Subwoofer Check On Amazon
Nakamichi Shockwafe Elite - 7.2.4Ch Check On Amazon

Buyers Guide on Choosing the Best Subwoofer Under $1,000

Adding a subwoofer to your home theater system, bedroom, studio, or car will require you to consider a range of factors. 

If you wanted to gain a better understanding of what these factors are. Check out our buyers guide section below. 

Cone Features 

The cones that are available inside subwoofers are one of the key elements that have a major impact on the sound quality that you’re able to experience. 

The size of the cone that has been used in a sub will determine how long a subwoofer can have a certain sound playing for. 

Furthermore, the structure of the cone can have an effect on the quality of the sound. If it has been made with rigid materials, it will reduce any vibration to ensure that you can hear the bass without any distortion. 

Differences Between Down and Front-Firing Subs

There are two main types of subwoofers available. Ones that are down-firing and others that are front-firing. So, what’s the difference between them?

Well, they’ve been specifically designed to work best when they’re placed in different areas of a room. 

When it comes to front-firing subs, they’re able to produce the sound from the front. Therefore, front-firing subwoofers are best for placing them directly in front of you as that’s how the sound will travel the best. 

As far as down-firing speakers are concerned, they’re able to provide you with sound that goes downwards through the ground. 

Therefore, the down-firing options are best if you’re looking for subs that you can place in the corner of your room. It enables the low frequencies to travel better for an enhanced listening experience. 

The Types of Enclosures Available

While reading through our review, and doing any of your own research, you will have noticed that there are a couple of different enclosures available with these subs. 

They include seals and ports and they both have their own benefits. 

Using subwoofers with a sealed enclosure will ensure that certain sound waves are held back. As a result, it can let you listen to audio with more crispness. 

Having said that, the technology that has been used with many of the subs with ports nowadays is pretty great as well. Therefore, it’s something that may come down to personal preference and how you’re mainly going to be using the subwoofer.

Understanding the Effect of Crossover

The crossover that’s available with subwoofers is another important element to consider. It essentially works as a filter to help the sub pick up on the various frequencies. 

This is incredibly important for allowing you to hear bass that sounds tight. Not to mention, it enables you to hear all of the other sounds from various speakers that are connected that aren’t at a low frequency. 

Therefore, having a bass with a good crossover system is crucial especially when it comes to movies. There are often many other sound effects happening at once. A high-quality crossover system ensures that these different frequency sounds don’t get muddled and cause distortion. 

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Let’s have a look into more detailed review of best subwoofer under 1000

1. Rockford Fosgate P3-2X12Loaded Enclosure Ported Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate P3-2X12


  • CONSTRUCTION – They’ve used high-grade MDF materials to make the exterior of this subwoofer. Therefore, you can be sure that it will last you for years to come. 
  • CARS – This subwoofer has been specifically made to be used in cars. So, if you were looking for something to boost the bass while driving, this could be a great choice. 

One size available:

  • 12”


We found that this subwoofer has an excellent rating when it comes to its impedance. The impedance is the resistance that occurs between the voice coils, electrical components, and the circuit. 

It causes the electricity to flow throughout the subwoofer and power it and it’s measured in OHMs. We were glad to find this sub has one OHM each for its impedance rating. 

This is useful when it comes to hooking up your sub to the amplifier. The impedance specifications of both components should be the same. 

With this sub, you may not need another one as there’s plenty of power for one amp to manage. Not to mention, there are two subs included. 

The OHM rating available with this one allows you to have more variety when it comes to connecting it to amplifiers. 


The size of this sub is a total of 12”. This is an excellent size that makes it great for fitting into your car. 

With 12” available, the sub is able to provide you with a total of 1,200 watts of power! Since there are already two subs available in one with this model, that means you actually have 2,400 watts of power available. 

People have been loving how the enclosure with this one features two subwoofers. It enables you to experience sound with double the power. It can also be a more cost-effective option than having to purchase two subwoofers separately. 


We were impressed to find that this subwoofer is able to create extraordinary bass notes that are huge. However, since it’s able to produce so much bass and power, it needs to be connected to an amplifier that’s external. 

Due to how powerful this sub is, you’ll need to look out for more specific details concerning the amp that you choose to use it with. This is because some amps are limited in terms of how much power they can produce on a consistent basis. 

For this subwoofer, you’ll want to use an amp that has at least 75% of the wattage output as the subwoofer’s handling ability.

Pros & Cons of Rockford Fosgate P3-2X12


  • 2 subs in 1 
  • 2,400 watts of power  
  • Impressive OHM rating 


  • Coils could be more durable  
  • Speaker connections can be prone to overheating  

2. JBL EON618S Self-Powered Subwoofer

JBL EON618S Self-Powered Subwoofer


  • ENCLOSURE – The enclosure has been made to help sound resonate as well as possible. It includes injection molding features and specific shapes to ensure that the volumes inside the cabinet are able to sound great. 
  • BLUETOOTH – You’re provided with the unique opportunity to connect your devices wirelessly to this subwoofer. This lets you control a range of settings with ease. 

One size available: 

  • 18” 


If you’re looking for a sub that you can take around with you, this one by JBL could be an excellent option to consider. 

This is because it has a fantastic design that enables it to be more portable. One of the main issues that people find when trying to setup or move their subs around is that they’re awkward to lift. 

Well, this home sub comes with handles that have been specifically placed to make it as easy as possible for you to pick it up. 

We were impressed with how they’ve even gone as far as to implement hardware mounts that are built-into the enclosure. This allows the subwoofer to be transported more securely as it can be held down by using the mounts. 

To make storage and transportation even more convenient, the feet have been molded into the enclosures. You can also easily stack the sub if necessary. 

Bluetooth Enabled

People have been loving how the JBL 18” subwoofer comes with a Bluetooth feature. This allows you to easily connect it to your other devices, without the hassle of dealing with wires. 

You may be glad to hear that the subwoofer can easily connect to Android and iOS devices. As a result, you can have total control over your subwoofer by using your smartphone or tablet. 

It allows you to control the master volume, as well as more specific settings. This includes altering the presets, changing the EQ, and more. 

Waveguide Technology 

JBL’s Waveguide technology that has been implemented into the subwoofer relates to the different frequencies that are available. 

The Waveguide technology works effectively to measure the frequencies at a total of 36 separate points. As a result, it’s able to ensure that the sound radiating from the subwoofer is able to be a lot more consistent. 

Therefore, you won’t have to deal with hearing slight dips or highs where there aren’t meant to be any. We liked how this technology enables you to hear music and sound effects in total clarity. 


  • Bluetooth enabled  
  • Waveguide technology 
  • Easily portable 


  • Software for setup can be tricky to use  
  •  Sound pressure levels are lower than some expected 

3. SVS PB-2000 Subwoofer 

SVS PB-2000 Subwoofer


  • WATTS – This sub is able to produce 500 watts without breaking a sweat. As it’s peak, it can provide you with a total of 1,100 watts, which is plenty of power. 
  • CONNECTIVITY – Users have been liking how easy it is to integrate this sub into their home. This is because it can connect easily to home theater and stereo systems. 
  • ENERGY SAVING – The sub has a standby mode which lets it operate at below 0.5 watts. As a result, you’re able to save on a lot of energy. 

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Options available:

  • 12”
  • Single or double set

Output Driver

We discovered that this subwoofer has been made and tested from scratch. Therefore, you can feel confident in knowing that they’ve achieved this sound quality after lots of trial and error. 

As a result, the precision that’s available with the bass sounds is remarkable. There’s plenty of flexibility within the lower frequency sounds that enhance the listening experience. 

This is largely due to the output driver that they’ve installed inside this one. It enables a higher output and the distortion levels are minimized drastically. 

Therefore, you’re able to experience bass sounds in their purest form. This makes it awesome for listening to music and watching movies with. 


Users have been mentioning how they love the design that has been used to create this subwoofer. 

It has a fantastic black finish that ultra-sleek and modern. As a result, you can feel confident in knowing that it will look fantastic as part of your room with the rest of your decor. 

They’ve paid a lot of attention to detail while designing this one. The corners have been smoothed out to avoid the rigid look and the black gain finish that has been included is excellent. 

Not to mention, the metal grille that’s available on the front of the sub looks superb. At 12” in size and just 66 lbs in weight, you can be sure that this sub will slot in nicely to most modern spaces. 


How easy is this subwoofer to set up?

Well, we were pleased to find that it has a range of easily integrable features. Therefore, you’re able to connect it to your home theater system without any hassle. Furthermore, you can hook it up to your stereo system too.

It’s a versatile subwoofer that’s great for both movies and music. The software that’s included with it is also simple to use, which makes the setup process a breeze. 


  • Easy setup  
  • Modern design 
  • Up to 1,100 watts of power available 


  • Not as loud as some were anticipating  
  • Sound quality may depend on the size of your room  

4. Electro-Voice EKX18SP

Electro-Voice EKX18SP


  • DURABILITY – The enclosures have been made with 15mm of high-quality wooden materials. There’s also an EV coating over the top that works effectively to keep the sub more durable. 
  • RELIABILITY – Fans are available and activated by sensors when the sub gets too hot. As a result, it’s able to perform well consistently. 
  • PRESETS – The presets available with this sub include club, speech, music, and live performances. 

Sizes available:

  • 12”
  • 15”
  • 18”
  • With or without cover 
  • On its own or with a bundle 

Ease of Use 

Users have been very pleased to discover that this subwoofer is super easy to use. Therefore, if you aren’t too familiar with subwoofers and how to use them, this could be an excellent choice. 

It comes with one knob that you can use to navigate through the various settings. This single-knob feature is something that people have been appreciating as it makes using the subwoofer a lot simpler.

By using the knob, you’re able to alter a range of settings and be able to easily see everything via the LCD screen that has been fitted. 


We were impressed to find just how many customizable options are available with this subwoofer that you can use to enhance your listening experience. 

They’ve included a cardioid control feature which is a highly technological system. It provides you with the opportunity to alter where you want the output to be going towards. 

People who are using subwoofers for stage performances have been taking advantage of this feature the most. You’re able to move the output closer to the audience who are in front of the subwoofer. 

You’re able to achieve a reduction in 35 decibels when on the stage. This system works best when there are other subwoofers working with it at the same time. It lets you use it for more effective to direct a more prominent sound across to the audience at specific times. 


This is a super efficient sub that’s able to produce an impressive total of up to 1,300 watts. While providing you with so much wattage and power, you can listen to sounds that are up to 134 decibels. 

There are sensitivity transducers that have been specifically engineered by EV that enhance the listening experience by utilizing the power properly. 


If you were interested in a subwoofer that you can move around, you may want to consider this one. It has been made with a lightweight design which makes it easier to carry around. Not to mention, carrying handles are available to make lifting and moving the subwoofer easier. 

Pros & Cons of Electro-Voice EKX18SP


  • 1,300 watts of power 
  • Easy to use with one knob 
  • Easily portable  


  • Grille is a little too fragile  
  • No built-in amp available  

5. Monolith Powered Subwoofer – for Studio & Home Theater  

Monolith Powered Subwoofer


  • CONE – The cone has been designed using finite element analysis and Klipper laser technology. As a result, it’s able to produce greater than 78mm when it comes to it’s peak excursions. 
  • AMP – With the Class D amplifier that’s available, you’re able to boost the headroom abilities of the sub. This leads to higher output with a lower level of distortion. 

Options available:

  • 500 watts
  • 1,000 watts 
  • 10”
  • 12”
  • 15” 

Low Suspension

With the lower suspension feature, you’re able to reduce distortion while playing sounds at extremely high levels. 

When it comes to playing low-frequency bass sounds at high volumes, a low suspension can be great for letting you hear those sounds with more clarity. 


We liked how they’ve designed this subwoofer with ports that are flared. It works to minimize any turbulence which is an effective way to avoid distortion problems. 

You’re provided with the ability to have the ports sealed as well. This can be achieved by using the plug that’s provided for you. 

People have also been taking note of how awesome the floating grille design is. It’s an excellent way to provide the subwoofer with more sturdiness from the inside. As a result, more air is able to flow through freely and boost the bass sounds. 

The grille has been constructed using MDF materials that prevent resonance and boost the rigidity. 


High-density fiberboard has been used to construct the cabinet with this subwoofer. They opted for this material instead of MDF as it allows the cabinet to produce better sounds internally. 

The internal bracing that’s available with this subwoofer is also fantastic. It has been specifically placed in an area that boosts the cabinet’s strength. 

We also found that it effectively reduces any vibration in the panels that can cause annoying sounds when the sounds are being played at high levels. 

Therefore, you’re able to focus on listening to the bass sounds and not the cabinet rattling around internally. 

Pros & Cons of Monolith Powered Subwoofer


  • Reduced distortion 
  • Sturdy cabinet & bracing 
  • Great floating grille design  


  • Paper pistons aren’t accurate  

6. Klipsch R-115SW Subwoofer 

Klipsch R-115SW Subwoofer


  • FULLY DIGITAL – The fully digital feature available with this sub makes it incredibly easy to use. 
  • PHASE CONTROL – You’re able to combine the low-frequency sounds of this sub with the rest of your speakers to produce the perfect amount of bass that’s not overwhelming. 
  • DESIGN – The black polymer veneer cabinet looks fantastic in modern settings. People have also been liking how the plinth has been painted with satin as it adds a prestige aesthetic. 

Options available: 

  • Subwoofer on its own 
  • Subwoofer with wireless kit


The front-firing feature that’s available with this subwoofer is awesome for providing you with an incredibly clear low-frequency sound. When it comes to lower frequency sounds at higher levels, there may be some distortion. 

However, that’s not the case with this sub. You’re able to play music and movies at a high volume and be able to listen to the bass clearly with reduced distortion. 

We also liked how the cone breakup has been minimized with this subwoofer. Not to mention, the copper cerametallic woofers are of high quality to ensure they can produce high-quality sound for years. 

With the front-firing design, you’re able to have more placement mobility to help the sound travel better. 


Some subs come with ports that are designed as well and it can lead to an internal vibration which distorts the sound. 

The way that they’ve designed the port on the inside of this subwoofer is fantastic. It works to effectively get rid of any noise that internal ports can sometimes produce. 

As a result, the bass sounds that you’re able to hear are super high quality. 


One of the main features that people have been raving about when it comes to this subwoofer is its wireless feature. 

When it comes to setting up subwoofers, many people become overwhelmed by all of the wires and how difficult it can make the setup process. 

With this sub, there are no worries to worry about. Therefore, you’re able to effortlessly have your subwoofer connected to your stereo or home theater system. 

The wireless feature also provides you with the freedom to move the subwoofer around freely. Therefore, if you were looking for something that you could easily move to different areas in the room this could be a fantastic choice. 


  • Wireless 
  • Great design 
  • Easy to use 
  • Minimal distortion 


  • Amps could be more durable  
  • Some may prefer more than 400 watts of power  

7. KRK 12S2 Powered Studio Subwoofer

KRK 12S2 Powered Studio Subwoofer


  • CONTROL – Users have been liking the footswitch control that’s included. It lets you turn the sub and crossover filter on or off easily. 
  • CONNECTIVITY – You can be sure to connect this sub to a range of different devices. This is because it comes with inputs and outputs that are universal.  

Options available:

  • 8S-V2 (8”)
  • 10S-V2 (10”)
  • 12S-V2 (12”)


When it comes to a studio, it’s imperative to have subwoofers that are able to play bass with tightness and clarity. 

We were pleased to find that this subwoofer has been able to achieve just that. You’re able to steer clear from unclean bass and, instead, be able to listen to the low-frequency sounds with clarity. 

They’ve included precision limiters with this sub. This works to ensure that the subwoofer and the amplifiers are always in sync with each other. 

Other subwoofers make the mistake of thinking that louder is better. However, the engineers behind this sub understand that if the bass and amps aren’t synced, you won’t be able to hear the lower frequency sounds as cleanly. 

So, with this subwoofer, you’re able to listen to music at super-high volumes, without compromising on the quality. 


There’s a curved design feature that has been combined with a front-firing bass port. This is a fantastic feature when it comes to studio sessions as it allows you to achieve great placement flexibility. 

The limiters that are available for the frequencies also play a role in working together with the front-firing port. It allows to super-precise flexible placement. 

So, when the sub isn’t set up perfectly straight and you move around the studio, you’ll still be able to hear the sound consistently. 

For Monitors 

If you’ve been searching for a subwoofer that will work great with monitors, this could be a good one to consider. 

It has been implemented with a dedicated crossover and high-pass filter bypass (which is optional). This pretty much means that this sub can be used seamlessly with monitors, which is a great benefit for being in the studio and making music. 


  • Works well with monitors  
  • Tight & clean bass 
  • Front-firing for flexible placement


  • Safe-mode feature can turn on more than some would prefer  

8. Sonos Sub – Best Wireless Subwoofer for Deep Bass

Sonos Sub - Best Wireless Subwoofer


  • PORTABILITY – You’re able to carry this subwoofer around with you easily due to its smaller size and wireless design.
  • INTEGRATION – Making this sub a part of your Sonos home theater system is a breeze as there are no wires required. 
  • SOUND QUALITY – The sound quality is impressive as it’s able to focus on delivering deep bass sounds and reducing vibration that would create distortion. 

Options available:

  • Black
  • White 


The main reason as to why people have been loving this subwoofer is due to the fact that it works wirelessly. 

This is a huge benefit for people who are looking to use a subwoofer for the first time. Setting up subwoofers can feel like a daunting task as there are so many different wires and inputs available. 

Well, if you use this sub, all of that won’t be something you need to worry about. It can connect wirelessly to a Sonos system. 

As a result, of the wireless feature, you’re provided with more freedom to move the subwoofer wherever you like. This makes it very portable. 

Not to mention, it’s compact in size as well. So, you’re able to set it up in your home without it taking up too much space. 


We were impressed with how you’re able to connect this subwoofer with an Alexa device. This provides you with the ability to control the sub by using voice commands. 

The wireless subwoofer can also be connected to a Sonos Playbar, Playbase, or Beam. This is a great feature that allows you to integrate the subwoofer into your home theater system. 

It works incredibly well with the other speakers to ensure that the bass never feels overwhelming compared to the rest of the speakers. 


Users have been noticing that this subwoofer produces a surprisingly small amount of vibration. Even when you have the volume turned all the way up, you’ll notice that there isn’t’ a lot of vibration. 

Therefore, any rattling or buzzing noises are nonexistent. We found this to be an awesome benefit as it allows you to watch movies and listen to music without having to deal with any annoying sounds. 


  • Wireless 
  • Easily portable  
  • Can be integrated easily 


  • Not compatible with Android devices  
  • Sometimes prone to disconnecting  

9. Yamaha NS-SW300PN Powered Subwoofer

Yamaha Powered Subwoofer


  • PANEL – The control panel available on the front make this subwoofer super easy to use. It includes volume buttons and an LED light. This lets you know whether the sub is on or off. 
  • STANDBY – We liked how there’s an auto power standby feature available with this one. If there’s no activity being received by the subwoofer, it will automatically turn off after a specified amount of time. 
  • POWER CONSUMPTION – This subwoofer is able to provide you with plenty of power without taking up too much energy. It consumes just 0.3 watts. 

One option available:

  • 10” 


The port that has been fitted to this subwoofer has been made with a unique twisted flare design. This is an excellent feature that works effectively to minimize the amount of air turbulence. 

As a result, there’s less noise which is what enables the low frequency sounds to be so clear. People have also been noticing that this twisted flare port allows for the bass to sound a lot tighter. 

Conventional ports in many other subwoofers don’t diffuse the air as well. Therefore, it can lead to distortion in how the bass sounds. 

With the twisted flare port, the air is able to be diffused equally. This can also have positive effects on the other sound effects aside from the low-frequency ones. 

Deep Bass

Yamaha has developed an Advanced Active Servo Technology ll system with this subwoofer. It works to implement both the constant current and negative impedance to improve the tightness of the speaker cone. 

As a result, the sound that’s produced at the lower frequencies is able to be more linear. This means that you’re able to listen to deeper bass sounds that sound remarkably accurate. It’s awesome for improving the overall sound quality of this sub.

Cone Design 

The design of the cone that’s available inside this subwoofer is another major factor as to why people have been liking it so much. 

It uses a front-firing feature which works effectively to carry the sound properly. In addition to this, there are voice coils that have square wires instead of being round as they’re usually found.

This is a great feature that boosts the magnetic flux density. In other words, it helps towards making the deep bass sound so tight and clean. 


  • Tight bass  
  • Minimized distortion 
  • Easy to use control panel 


  • Can be difficult to set up  
  • Some would prefer if it was a little louder  

10. Nakamichi Shockwafe Elite – 7.2.4Ch

Nakamichi Shockwafe Elite - 7.2.4Ch


  • REMOTE – A remote is included with this subwoofer set and it includes a total of 52 buttons. This enables you to have total control over your subwoofer system. It’s also backlit which makes it easy to use when it’s dark. 
  • POWER – This subwoofer set has a peak power rate of 800 watts. With this amount of power, it’s able to produce a maximum of 106 decibels, which is plenty for a home theater experience. 

Options available: 

  • Elite 7.2 DTS-X
  • Elite 7.2 DTS-X with Atmos 
  • Pro 7.1 DTS-X
  • Pro 7.1 DTS-X with Atmos 

SSE Technology 

The SSE technology that’s available with this subwoofer is excellent for enhancing your movie watching experience from home. 

There are 3 audio processing engines available that are incredibly advanced and work simultaneously with each other. 

They’re fantastic for helping to elevate the smaller details in the sounds that you can hear from watching movies and listening to music. It pays closer attention to space in the room and the direction that sound is traveling in. 

You’re provided with an impressive total of 7.2.4 channels of sound that’s able to wrap around you and the room you’re in. 106 decibels of sound is able to fill the space you’re in and enable you to have a unique immersive listening experience. 


The pair of subwoofers that are available in this set are 8” in size. This makes them great for fitting into smaller rooms as they don’t take up a lot of space. 

They’ve also been implemented with a wireless feature. As a result, you’re provided with the freedom to place the 2 subs wherever you like in your room. 

Regardless of where you place them, you can feel confident in knowing that they’ll be able to work to provide you with sound that feels even in the room. You’re able to have an excellent home theater experience as there’s a reduced amount of distortion available. 


These subwoofers can be connected to Dolby Vision, which is fantastic for boosting your listening experience even more. 

Furthermore, the subs can pick up on the finest sound details from 4K UHD movies. There is also a range of ports available that include HDMI, optical, and coaxial inputs. Therefore, you can connect a range of devices to the subwoofer system. 


  • Wireless subwoofers 
  • Easy integration 
  • SSE tech for higher-quality sound 


  • No tone controls available  
  • Better for movies than music

FAQ of Best Subwoofer under $1000

What’s the difference between dynamic and continuous power output?

Dynamic power output refers to the measurement taken of how loud a subwoofer can get when it’s at its maximum volume level.
The continuous power output is what you can use to measure the kind of sound that a subwoofer can produce over a more prolonged period of time.

How should you set up subwoofer for a home theater?

Since there are other speakers involved, you’ll want to avoid making the bass sounds from the subwoofer too overpowering.
This will take away from the immersive experience that you’re able to have with watching movies. Instead, we recommend that you experiment with the low-frequency levels along with the rest of the speakers until you find that balance.

What Makes Powered and Non-Powered Subwoofers different?

Subwoofers that are already powered are able to provide you with low-frequency bass sounds for longer while utilizing a driver that’s smaller.
The driver is typically found in the cabinet. With a smaller driver, manufacturers are able to limit the size of the cabinet, and thus, the subs that are powered are usually smaller in size.
However, the subwoofers that need to be powered externally usually have larger drivers and cabinets.
So, if you’re tight on space, your best bet may be to go for a subwoofer under $1,000 that are powered.


That concludes our review of what the best subwoofer under $1,000 has to offer. Make sure that you consider all of the main factors before making a final decision.

Hopefully, all of the details we’ve presented to you in our review has helped to get you in the know. You’re now armed with all the information you need to go ahead and choose the subwoofer that’s right for your needs!