10 Best Powered Subwoofer for DJ in 2022 [Buyers Guide & Reviews]

It is not that easy to be a DJ as many people think. You will not only have to know how to sequence, remix or mix songs but it will also be important you invest in the best tools to enable you do the job well. Any aspiring and seasoned DJ should also have the right equipments including the best powered subwoofer.

In case you are shopping for a top quality subwoofer that can produce a good bass and is crisp and reliable while it reduces the strain on the main speakers, then you have landed on the right place. 

In this guide, we will be looking at the top 10 best powered subwoofers in the market and some of the important things you need to consider when shopping for one.

Below is list of top 10 Best Powered Subwoofer for DJ

Image Product Price
Top Pick
Rockville RBG18S 18" 2000W Subwoofer
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JBL Professional JBL SRX818SP Subwoofer

JBL Professional JBL SRX818SP Subwoofer

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Electro-Voice EKX18SP 18" Subwoofer Check On Amazon
Sound Town METIS-18SPW2.1 Subwoofer Check On Amazon
PSB Sub Series 100 GLSB Subwoofer Check On Amazon
 BEHRINGER, Black VQ1800D Check On Amazon
Seismic Audio Baby Tremor Subwoofer Check On Amazon
Yamaha Club V Series SW218V Subwoofer Check On Amazon
JBL Professional JBL PRX418S Subwoofer Check On Amazon

1. Rockville RBG18S 18″ 2000W Subwoofer

Rockville RBG18S 18" 2000W Subwoofer

Rockville RBG18S 18″ 2000W Subwoofer is our top pick and the best overall. Rockville is well known for producing top quality and well respected brands. The RBG18S 18″ 2000W subwoofer is no exception.

Its tremendous power is the most outstanding feature. Having 2000 Watts peak power and RMS of 500 Watts makes it outperform several other single units in the market. With that high sheer volume, any DJ will be in a position of performing in larger audiences having confidence that they have the power of filling the entire space.

This subwoofer also comes with an adjustable low pass crossover. Its three position high frequency cut off points help in ensuring lots of strain is not placed on the main speakers. This helps in ensuring louder sounds is achieved with same amount of energy.

Using this subwoofer will offer you the option of diverting more mid range frequencies onto the subwoofer. With this, you will still be in a position of achieving a high quality and powerful sound despite playing in a place with poor sound system.

The craftsmanship and fine details of this subwoofer are great. It comes with an automatic turn on fan for cooling and an internal heat sink. This makes it possible for the DJ to play all night without worrying about overloading the equipment. Setting up this subwoofer is quite easy as it comes with intuitive input, strong pole socket and output jacks. 


  • Has a sleek finish
  • Comes with three position low pass crossover that are adjustable
  • Has an internal heat sink together with an automatic fan cooling system
  • Has a strong pole socket that makes setting it up easy


  • Quite heavy
  • Does not perform well without dual subs



The BEHRINGER EUROLIVE B1200D-PRO is well known for its lightweight nature and a great overall value price. Its powerful transducer together with a precise design ensures it delivers crisp and accurate bass even when the frequencies are ultra-low. 

In case you are concerned about precision and accuracy, then there is no better subwoofer than this BEHRINGER EUROLIVE B1200D-PRO. It features a long excursion 12- inch transducer which is in a position of producing accurate bass. When you invest in the EUROLIVE B1200D-PRO, you will be rewarded with a super precise audio preproduction at lower frequencies. With this, you will never miss out on the sound depth and you can always listen to music the way it was meant to be.

This subwoofer also comes with a very comprehensive protection system which helps in combating thermal overload, over excursion and clip limiting. When not in a position of shelling out lots of cash on a subwoofer, then the BEHRINGER EUROLIVE B1200D-PRO is the best option for you currently available in the market. Despite its low price, it is still capable of producing tremendous sound which will offer you a peace of mind.

However, this subwoofer is not that powerful compared to our top product in the list. In case you will be playing EDM music or require a punchier bottom, you might have to go for something which will offer you more power.


  • It is lightweight hence easy to carry around
  • Has accurate and precise bass
  • Quite affordable
  • Comes with a comprehensive protection system


  • Has a low power rating
  • Not that durable

3. JBL Professional JBL SRX818SP Subwoofer

JBL Professional JBL SRX818SP Subwoofer

This JBL Professional JBL SRX818SP is a top quality and power heavy Subwoofer that is capable of delivering top sound quality. It is of sturdy construction making it perfect for touring and big event functions.

It comes with two internal subwoofer cones each measuring 18 inches. This makes it capable of moving a huge amount of air. When using this sub, you can feel the pressure surge and the force the woofer emits whenever you are standing next to it. Its power ratings are among the best in the market with an RMS of 800 watts and peak power of 3200 watts.  Since the system of this subwoofer attains this power by making good use of dual subwoofer cones, the bas it delivers will remain musical and controlled.  When looking for a loud and punchy bass which stays crisp and is clean at its highest outputs, then this JBL Professional JBL SRX818SP will be a perfect choice for you.

Another top feature of this sub is its customizable settings. Its system is configurable and comprises of a variety of tunings together with pre-sets which make it easy to use. It does not matter if you are an experienced DJ or you are just learning the spinning tricks, you will for sure appreciate the time you save from choosing the preset configurations. This woofer consists if a wide range of controls which can be used for mixing fine tuning and amplifier monitoring.

However, its main downside is that it is quite massive. With a weight of around 145 pounds, this subwoofer is not for learners. You will have to invest in a large trackbed to help you in moving the entire subwoofer system.


  • Comes with customizable settings
  • It has two internal subwoofer cones
  • Construction is sturdy and strong
  • Comes with a wide range of controls


  • It is quite expensive
  • Quite heavy hence difficult to move around with

4. Electro-Voice EKX18SP 18″ Subwoofer

Electro-Voice EKX18SP 18" Subwoofer


This Electro-Voice EKX18SP 18″ Powered Subwoofer has been received well by most of the DJs thanks to its 1300W amplifier and large 18 inch woofer.  It uses Cardioid Control Technology which is one of its most interesting features. This Cardioid Control Technology helps its focus sound projection on the audience and reduces noise on stage.

This subwoofer comes with an inbuilt digital signal processing which makes it possible to be set up quickly and matching is simple and fast it does not matter if it is with the other speakers or on the venue where it will be played in. This sub is quite lightweight when you consider that it comes with an LF driver measuring 18 inches.

Some of the superlatives most DJs use to describe this subwoofer are amazing, awesome and great as it offers a real world class performance. The Electro-Voice EKX18SP has been proved to work well in different situations such as the metal band and rock concerts.  Most of its users are usually impressed by its 18” woofer that produces clear yet hard hitting sound projection.

This Electro-Voice EKX18SP is regarded to be among the most serious subwoofers in the market capable of fitting most event and musical applications.


  • Uses Cardioid Control Technology
  • Comes with an inbuilt digital signal processing
  • It is quite lightweight
  • Capable of working well in different situations


  • It is a bit heavy hence difficult to move around with
  • Quite expensive when compared to other models

5. Sound Town METIS-18SPW2.1 Subwoofer

Sound Town METIS-18SPW2.1 Subwoofer

This Sound Town METIS-18SPW2.1 Powered Subwoofer comprises of top quality subwoofers, speakers and stage monitors which have been specifically designed for DJ and professional audio applications use. It is a 15 inch model which offers best bunch value with high power levels and sturdy construction. Most people are amazed by how such a subwoofer can be available at an affordable price.

Despite being a bit smaller than majority of the 18 inch stage subs, this subwoofer packs some great amount of punch. It gets to a point of 1800 watts peak power and 500 watts of RMS which places it at the same range as most of other expensive and bigger models.  Although this subwoofer lacks highest power rating, it is still capable of delivering great sound. It makes use of high end materials to help in reducing distortion and improve damping. Whenever you play a music using this sub, be sure you will get focused, tight bass even at low frequencies and high volumes.

It has a great build quality and comes with a heavy duty metal grille that has been enforced with recessed handles and metal corners. With this, you will not have to worry about destroying the audio equipment whenever you are on the road with it.

It comes with a versatile output and input connections which makes it easy to integrate onto the stage setup that exists.  It is a great feature since you will not have to waste your time connecting routing cables, wires and troubleshooting whenever you are playing gigs.


  • Come with a versatile output and input connections
  • Has a great build quality
  • Produces tight and focused bass even at low frequencies
  • Quite affordable


  • It is quite heavy
  • Not that powerful

6. PSB Sub Series 100 GLSB Subwoofer

PSB Sub Series 100 GLSB Subwoofer

Not all the DJs want to have their own professional audio equipments. In case you always find yourself assuming the role of a DJ during family get together, social functions, office parties or cocktail events, then you need to invest in a PSB Sub Series 100 GLSB Powered Subwoofer.

 It is a pretty small subwoofer weighing just 6 pounds which makes it lightweight. It comes with a small footprint that can fit under the desk or some of the tiniest openings on a bookshelf.  It is a perfect piece of equipment if you always find yourself as a DJ in small functions. Its lightweight and compact nature makes it easy to through under the basket

However, the PSB Sub Series 100 GLSB Powered Subwoofer is not suitable for people planning to perform at an event venue or concert. It has a low power rating and not meant to fill a large space. It is a perfect subwoofer for those who are after improving the sound quality of a small stereo system.

Its low frequency response enables it to do an excellent job when it comes to diverting low frequencies from main speakers. This helps in adding easy listening depth and nuance without having to increase volume.

There are people who shy off from purchasing it due to its high price considering it will be used as a simple bass enhancer.


  • Comes with a low frequency response
  • The cross over dial is adjustable
  • It is lightweight hence easy to move around with
  • Has automatic turn on and off functions


  • Quite expensive
  • Has a low power rating

7. BEHRINGER, Black VQ1800D


The BEHRINGER, Black VQ1800D will offer you an ultimate in low frequency reproduction while its built in  stereo  will make it suitable for use  together with 2 way active loudspeakers.  When packed together with a low frequency transducer, long excursion, string class D amplifier and a great array of features, this subwoofer does produce high levels of low end punch. It is an amazing cooling sunning sub that is capable of delivering deep and chest pounding bass to help in keeping the party all night.

Its class D amplifier technology is capable of offering one with a great power and incredible sonic performance. The class D amplification will make all the difference as it will offer ultimate energy efficiency thereby doing away with the need of heavy power supplies.

The BEHRINGER, Black VQ1800D also features balanced XLR outputs and inputs together with balanced XLR thru jacks that will help connect extra enclosures. This subwoofer also comes with a high cut dial that will offer precision control over the subwoofers upper corner amplifier frequency. Its high cut will never affect the thru signals. It comes with a level knob that helps in controlling the input gain.


  • Comes with a built in active stereo crossover
  • Has a level knob for controlling input gain
  • Has a class D amplifier technology offering one great power
  • Has an amazing cooling sunning sub


  • It is quite expensive
  • Not that durable

8. Seismic Audio Baby Tremor Subwoofer

Seismic Audio Baby Tremor Subwoofer

Are you shopping for budget friendly subwoofer that suits upcoming or amateur DJs? Then think of non other than the Seismic Audio Baby Tremor Subwoofer.  It is a perfect and compact subwoofer that can be used on smaller gigs like community events, weddings and jazz clubs.

The Seismic Audio Baby Tremor Subwoofer sounds great and is made of a sleek external finish which helps in providing one with an all round professional experience. It produces clear and tight bass and packs a decent enough punch that can easily fill out small parties and event spaces.

It is a perfect subwoofer for small DJ setups.  Having 300 watts RMS, its power ratings are not enough to have it perform at big events such as concert avenues or rave clubs.  This subwoofer also maxes out easily hence, one does not have to get a high volume amount from the sub. You will however have to rely on a powerful main speaker or use them together with a 15 inch subwoofer.

Despite the subwoofer having a heat sink, it lacks an internal fan cooling system. In case you are worried about having the equipment overheat when performing in long events or all night parties, you can consider having a direct fan at the back to help in cooling it down.

This Seismic Audio Baby Tremor Subwoofer is among the best budget friendly subwoofer currently available in the market despite its tight sound bass, sturdy construction and reliable crisp.


  • It is quite affordable
  • Has a sturdy construction
  • Configuring it and hooking it up is quite easy
  • Has a sleek external finish


  • It has low power ratings
  • Lacks an internal fan making it prone to overheating

9. Yamaha Club V Series SW218V Subwoofer

Yamaha Club V Series SW218V Subwoofer

The Yamaha Club V Series SW218V Subwoofer ranks high among the best powered subwoofers in the market. It comprises of 2 by 18 inches woofers and comes with a 1200 watts program power handling. Its 18 inch speakers will be in a position of moving lots of air. It   is cast on an aluminum frame drivers that allows for great dissipation of heat and it is lightweight in general.

It comes with a particle board cabinet which has been well crafted from the southern yellow pine and constructed to be in line with the exacting standards of Yamaha. Its speakers are well received for being punchy and loud thanks to its dual 18 inch woofer design. However, it is not just about being loud; many people do describe this subwoofer as having a clear bass sound which is perfect for bass guitar, kick drums and become more even when it is at high levels of volume. For sure, this subwoofer will offer you great value for your money thanks to its solid build quality.

However, there are some of its users who were not pleased with its weight as it made it difficult for them to carry it with its handles.

It is a perfect subwoofer for people who are shopping for a budget friendly and passive subwoofer which is capable of moving lots of air.


  • Comes in aluminum frame that allows for great dissipation of heat
  • Has a clear sound bass sound
  • Will offer you a great value for your money
  • It has a great and appealing design


  • Its handles are not well positioned
  • Needs lots of maintenance to perform well

10. JBL Professional JBL PRX418S Subwoofer

JBL Professional JBL PRX418S Subwoofer

This JBL Professional JBL PRX418S Subwoofer is an 18 inch that is in most cases combined with two way models to offer a subsystem that is in a position of generating 135 dB of high quality and full-range audio. It also features a pole mount flange for a complete range speaker that comes with handles which are recessed for easy transportation that can lead to a thundering sound.

The passive speakers of this subwoofer was specifically made to offer frequency response, sensitivity and power handling that is required for most of the professional audio environment and can still be found at a reasonable price.

It does not matter if you are using a powered mixer or a rack of equipment that is full of signal and amps processing, the passive speakers of this PRX418S will still deliver the bandwidth and sound power required to make loud sound appear natural and the speech which is quiet intelligible.

The PRX418S passive speakers are made using JBL tour tested components and they do feature a professional connectivity through Neutrik Speakon connectors. Setting up the passive subwoofer is easy and reliable to use. It also comes with a big 18 inch LF driver together with a strong 3200 watts power rating which makes it capable of handling most of the musical throws you can throw at.


  • Generates high quality and full range audio
  • Easy to set up and use
  • It is resistant to scratches and scuffs
  • Has a deep frequency response


  • For top performance, you will have to pair it with an amplifier
  • Does not deliver the best performance in relation to price

Buyers Guide

Important Things to Consider when buying the best Powered Subwoofer for DJ

Due to the wide variety of powered subwoofers in the market, it is quite challenging to identify the subwoofer that suits you best.  However, we have come up with some important factors to enable you choose the best powered subwoofer for DJ in the market.

  • Power Output

Power is a terminology which is very common in the subwoofer industry. It is one of the important components that influence all things in the operations on a subwoofer right from the volume to consistency. Power output is most commonly measured in watts and categorized as peak rating and RMS. In case you are using a passive subwoofer together with an amplifier, ensure that you do match their power outputs to get a stable full system performance.

  • Frequency Response

Frequency response which is also referred to as frequency range refers to what range the audio frequency in a particular unit is capable of reproducing. This will be communicated to its users using a range rating. In case you are shopping for a subwoofer with a great deal of versatility in terms of audio reproduction capability, you should consider going for one with a wider frequency range.

  • Sensitivity

Sensitivity can also be referred to as efficiency. It describes the capability of a particular unit when it comes to converting the power of amplifier into sound.  In short, a unit that has a high sensitivity rating will be in a position of producing a great sound volume with low electrical input amount.

  • Dimension

The subwoofers can really consume lots of space depending on the installation location of the user. Any prospective buyer needs to consider the size of the desired location of installation before making their purchase. This will help in ensuring the unit can be installed well and functions well with the audio fidelity which has been listed.

  • Warranty

The subwoofers together with other audio equipments are always prone to breakdown depending on their precise nature. In order to help prevent any of such faults from dampening your listening experience, it is important to ensure that any prospective subwoofer you are about to purchase comes with a productive warranty. Products with short warranty periods are known to break down after a short period of time while most of the equipments with long warranty periods are known to last for quite some time.


We hope that the above review has been of great help to you. You can now identify the best powered subwoofer for DJ in the market by going through the buyer’s guide section which has provided you with some of the important factors you need to look at whenever you are shopping.

In our review, the Rockville RBG18S 18″ 2000W Subwoofer did emerge as the winner. This is mainly attributed to its high sleek finish and three position low pass crossover which can easily be adjusted. The Rockville RBG18S also comes with an internal heat sink and an automatic fan cooling system. In case of any questions or suggestions, kindly feel free to contact us.