What Does A Subwoofer Do In A Car?

In modern times, nothing beats the feeling of having a good sound system installed in your car. Music has a way of healing our souls, and what better way to listen to it than through a powerful stereo system! Road trips have been made so enjoyable as you can blast off your favorite music jams while cruising on the highways. Therefore, if you wish to achieve better performance from your car’s sound system, you should consider purchasing a subwoofer. Adding subwoofers to a car stereo system will make it sound way better and powerful.

A subwoofer is an amplifier that can play low-pitched sounds called bass and sub-bass. Its normal frequency range is between 20 HZ to 200 HZ. These low frequencies help the subwoofer to enhance the frequency range of your ordinary sound system, thus covering higher frequencies. Your audios will improve in quality in both non-bass and bass music types. A variety of sound frequencies in the car sound system will make your music sound deep and real.

When buying a new car, you will find that the speakers installed are mid-range and are often found in the door panels. On most occasions, the speakers installed are too small to reproduce low-frequency sounds and thus the need to add a subwoofer. What does a subwoofer do in a car? So many car owners often ask this question. In this article, we shall strive to highlight all you need to know about subwoofers and how helpful they can be in improving the general performance of your car audio system.

What does a subwoofer do in cars?

Installing a subwoofer speaker does way more than just offering you some powerful performance. As we all know, subwoofer speakers are designed to reproduce low-frequency sounds that can make any kind of music sound better. A subwoofer often consists of either one, two or even more woofers mounted in an amplifier enclosure. These speaker enclosures are crafted with wood so that they can withstand air pressure and also resist deformation. They come in different designs, which have a bass reflex with either one port or vent. There are two types of subwoofers, namely passive and active. Passive subwoofers come with a subwoofer driver and an enclosure, unlike an active subwoofer with a built-in amplifier.

Also, a passive subwoofer needs to have an external amplifier to serve its power supply needs. The single most evident difference between a premium car audio system and an ordinary car audio system is the sound of bass. Low notes tend to round out the maximum potential of any recorded audio. This means these low notes can deliver some of the best sonic experiences you will ever have, similar to a live performance. Once you hear it, you can quickly tell that a subwoofer has been used. Well, if you are wondering, “what does a subwoofer do in cars?” Wonder no more. This section of the article discusses the top 5 things that subwoofers can do for your car.

1.Improve the levels of bass produced

Subs offer better bass, while most ordinary stereo speakers do not produce any bass. Tweeters and car stereo woofers are made to fit inside tight and compact spaces such as dashboards and car doors. This is because the human ears are designed to sense any audio source within a given space. Therefore, when you fail to hear discrete right and left speakers, you will feel that the car audio sounds are not balanced. A modern, door-mounted stereo speaker can pristinely reproduce high frequencies because the smaller the speaker, the more distortion and thus the lesser the bass produced. There is not much space behind car doors; thus, speakers cannot successfully reproduce any frequency below 80 Hertz. Unfortunately, below this frequency is where the best sub-bass lives.

2.A subwoofer can be kept anywhere

A car stereo subwoofer never suffers similar constraints to those faced by the ordinary sound systems that come installed in vehicles. This is because the waves that produce bass notes can be too long for the human ear to detect its source. This is a good thing as it allows the subwoofer to be stored anywhere in the car in a large-sized enclosure. If the small space in your car worries you, you should not worry at all as the speakers can also fit under the seats or in the trunk of your car. Whether the subwoofer is under the truck’s seat, you will hear it very well as the tones are produced in a non-directional manner. Scientists have proven that the ear cannot determine the source of low-frequency bass notes as the subwoofer makes it seem like the sounds are coming from all directions while providing a similar impact to that of a subwoofer placed under your seat.

3.Subwoofers improve performance at high frequencies

As much as you may wish to fit all the bass reproduction systems inside your standard car stereo, it will be impossible. The long sound waves that reproduce bass notes require a lot of power to generate a speaker. Therefore, when a single audio speaker tries to reproduce the full range of frequencies, the power ends up getting sucked by the bass notes, weakening the whole car audio system. This is why having subwoofers in your car is important as it typically receives its power from an installed independent amplifier. This means that when you install a subwoofer to your car stereo, you will have to adjust the crossover frequency.

This means the audio source of your car will send low bass notes to your subwoofer, while the higher frequencies will be directed to the tweeters and woofers. Tweeters and woofers have been designed to handle high frequencies; thus, they will dedicate all their power to improve the performance of treble and midrange frequencies; regardless of whether you love listening to hip-hop, rock, or reggae while in your car, having subwoofers will significantly improve the quality of your listening experience. This is because subwoofers can make any genre of music sound way better than when played on ordinary speakers.

4.Subwoofers eliminate sound distortions

A properly tuned subwoofer with the car stereo will create an opportunity for perfecting the audio sound. This means that all your speakers will live up to their fullest potential giving you cleaner and bigger sound. With a subwoofer you will easily notice the quality sound difference when the volume is low just as much as when you turn up the volume knob. Due to their ability to produce some low frequency range sounds, the smaller speakers in the car will not have to be faced with this burden. Tweeters were primarily designed to produce high frequency sounds therefore, if you force them to produce low frequency sounds it will lead to sound distortions. Sound distortions occur when the speaker’s cone vibrates intensely beyond its capacity sound.

5.Subwoofers help increase the lifespan of your car system

Subwoofers are a much-needed necessity as they help your car stereo to last much longer. As you continually depend on the tweeters to produce low-frequency bass notes, they get strained and damaged faster. The quality of sound will not be a great one, and thus subwoofers help big time in ensuring that you get better sounds and increase the lifespan of your car stereo speakers. The ability of subwoofers to have deep cone vibrations helps increase your speaker’s lifespan.

The Best Car Subwoofer Price

You can find some good car subwoofers below the $100 price range, but don’t expect too much as you may only find low-quality sound speakers at such an amount. If you’re looking for a great quality subwoofer, then try those between the $100-$200 range. These subs could come with an enclosure or without one – all depending on your needs! Car subwoofer kits are also a great way to increase your sound system and make it more personal.

Once you pass the $200 mark, most car speaker systems come with everything needed for installation – even if the same company doesn’t make them for your stereo! For less than $100: The Polk Audio DB6501 is one of our favorite budget-friendly options that still delivers high-quality music. If only looking for an upgrade in bass without spending too much money, this set will do nicely at about half what other brands charge just for their basic kit while delivering all necessary components and instructions on how to install them yourself! Below are some features that you can get at the best car subwoofer price.


Buying the right size of subwoofer for your car can be a bit tricky. However, it is essential to consider how much space you have in your vehicle when selecting one. Ideally, we recommend purchasing a subwoofer that will fit within the confines and dimensions of your car’s interior. Hence, you get maximum bass effect from what little room there might be inside the cabin area or trunk region.

2. Enclosure

The subwoofer enclosure is a box that houses the woofer. The design of surround sound systems affects sound production more than you think it does. If you want to produce intense bass sounds, buy an external speaker with sealed enclosures because they are very accurate and provide excellent quality in sound production. When you go shopping, always ask for a subwoofer that has a sealed enclosure.

3. Square wattage

The RMS watts are important to consider when deciding on the best sound quality for your home theater or car stereo setup. The higher this number is, the more power it can handle and thus produce better-quality sounds.

4. Sound Pressure level

The more power a subwoofer can handle, the higher the quality of sound it produces. Watts RMS is used to describe how much continuous power they have, and that’s why you want your subs as powerful as possible! A powered subwoofer that has a high sound pressure level is often said to have high SPL ratings.

5. Voice coils

Why choose a dual voice coil? A dual voice coil helps maximize the power from your amplifier, and you will have more choices later on if you decide to make changes. There are two main types of voice coils: single, which is most common in small amplifiers, and differential or “dual,” which can be found as soon as an amp becomes large enough for it.

Also, take into consideration the following two factors which relate to your car:-

  • Placement: One factor to consider when shopping for subwoofers is whether or not they can be placed in a certain location. For example, some subs need an enclosed trunk space to work properly. Make sure you take this into account before deciding on your purchase!
  • Car Size: The size of your car will dictate the type and size of the subwoofer you can install. A small enclosure for a large amp will be tough, so don’t forget about space when deciding on a car stereo system.

The cost of putting a subwoofer in your car should cost around $200 if you are looking for an average-sized high-quality sub. This cost will cover the enclosure, amplifier, and speaker. You can also find compact and small subwoofer enclosures; however, they won’t sound great compared to larger subwoofers. Depending on your preferences, the larger subwoofers are ideal due to their low-frequency sound or low-frequency range. This means to get one with more power; you will have to spend more.

People can improve their car stereo systems without spending too much money by installing a new car speaker or two before buying expensive equipment such as amplifiers or CD players. It is possible that your current set-up isn’t producing enough volume at lower levels. When it comes to power handling, you can determine how much power the head unit of a huge subwoofer will need. Powered subwoofers produce quality and cleaner sounds. It is next to impossible for a small subwoofer to produce a better sound than a bigger car subwoofer with a quality subwoofer enclosure. Thus small-sized subs use less power.

Components of a High Power Car Subwoofer

A component sub is simply made up of the speaker only, which needs to be mounted to operate effectively. This speaker is mounted inside a subwoofer box and is powered by an external amplifier. Most component subs range in sizes between 8” to 15”. Coaxial speakers or component speakers have almost similar components. What differentiates them is their placement style.

Component speakers are quite difficult to install, and they handle much more power and produce a high-quality sound than coaxial speakers. A subwoofer consists of either one, two, or more woofers mounted inside the amplifier enclosure. You can get a subwoofer enclosure in different designs, and it has a bass reflex with a port or a vent. The most common speakers are the 6*9 and 6*5. The 6*9 speakers have different features from those they are replacing; thus, you will need to tweak your equalizer slightly.

This also applies when replacing a 4-inch speaker with the 6*5 inch one. Large speakers will give you better mid-range and bass, but you will probably lose some high-end if they aren’t properly designed. If you intend to have many components, speakers, and subwoofers in your car, having an amp will probably be the best idea to achieve a high-power car subwoofer.

If you have not installed a high-powered speaker but only a subwoofer, consider getting a one-channel amp. This means a subwoofer will always need to run with its amp. Component speakers are worth it as they have an undeniable great quality of sound. Much as they are expensive than full frequency range speakers, which are cheap and easy to install. Most operating stereo systems utilize full-range speakers; thus, upgrading them will only be a matter of dropping into car subwoofers.

When using component speakers, you will need three channels. One will be used for the car subwoofer while the other for two for the component speakers. A three-way component speaker, also known as the triaxial speaker, consists of a tweeter, an extra driver, and a woofer. The extra driver is called the midrange, and it resembles a woofer but is way smaller than it. These components are usually referred to as small car speakers. A good subwoofer comprises a linear driver, a powerful and accurate amplifier, and a well-designed sealed enclosure. Therefore, if you are confused about getting a component of a coaxial speaker, we will recommend that you get a component speaker. Component speakers are generally superior and allow for several customizations. Their quality sound is something to kill for!

Best Subwoofer Speakers for Cars

As you are aware by now, a subwoofer speaker is a type of loudspeaker that reproduces lower audio frequencies. It typically has a bigger cone and voice coil than those used in other loudspeakers because it must generate sound waves at a low frequency. The speaker covers up to 100 Hz or below as its range, generally about 20 dB less output at 80 Hz than at 1000 Hz on typical dynamic drivers. The term “sub-bass” refers to this very low bass, i.e., 40–100 Hz, when measured using scientific instrumentation accurate within ±0.02 decibels. Some of the best subwoofer speakers for cars are the Pioneer TS-SW1216S, Kenwood KFC-X1863S, JBL GTO600C, and Rockford Fosgate P400X0. Let us have a look at each of them below.

Pioneer TS-SW1216S Subwoofer

The TS-SW1216S has a very high sensitivity of 89 dB. This means that for every watt delivered; the speaker will produce 89 decibels worth of sound power output at one meter away from the speakers. The Pioneer SWA250 passive subwoofer is an excellent match to this loudspeaker because it also features a high impedance (25 ohms) and low resonant frequency (-27dB).

Together with two other standard speakers, they combine as front, left and right channels in-car audio systems or can be used separately as just rear surround speakers. Pioneer’s built-in amplifier crossovers make installation easier by eliminating external components like amplifiers and resistors. The SWA250 handles frequencies below 100 Hz at the crossover point, while the TS-SW1216S takes care of frequencies up to 20 kHz. This system gives you a great listening experience.

Pioneer Audio Systems is an American company that produces loudspeakers and other electronic products, including car audio systems for the consumer market. They have been manufacturing speakers since 1970 and are one of the largest speaker manufacturers worldwide, with over 30% of the total global production share in 2009. Their headquarters are located in Santa Ana, California, along with their main distribution plants in Riverside, California. They supply 50% of North America’s demand for Pioneer car stereo components and Memphis. Tennessee company manufactures receivers (receiver = sound amplifier) for all electronics equipment from televisions to personal computers.

Kenwood KFC-X1863S Subwoofer

Kenwood KFC-X1863S features a cleaner sound with less distortion than some other models but is not the best in its price range. The Kenwood KFC-X1863S has a lot of features for the money, including many controls that allow you to adjust the sound volume and balance (which determines which speaker plays louder) on both left and right channels. (The amplifier power of 180 watts provides enough juice for most people’s needs when they are playing music at home or driving their car around town. You can listen to all music genres and the tweeters make it sound nice. The Kenwood KFC-X1863S is not a perfect subwoofer.

It has some drawbacks, including the fact that all of its controls are on one side, and it also doesn’t come with an adjustable crossover frequency (which determines where low frequencies play in relation to high frequencies). So if you’re looking for more options or want something cleaner sounding, there are other models available at about this price point. But if you need a lot of features for the money — say because your budget is around $250— then this might be just what you’re looking for. There’s no denying that Kenwood’s KFC-X1863S offers great value considering how many control options it provides, which allows users to adjust the volume. The quality of sound produced is also strong.

JBL GTO600C Subwoofer

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream audio from your laptop, tablet device, phone, computer, or streaming service like Spotify directly to the speakers via a wireless connection. There is a particular rating of the JBL GTO600C that is a little difficult to ascertain. The speaker also operates at an impedance of eight ohms with 60 watts RMS per channel and 120 Watts peak power, which means it can be paired in stereo or bridged for mono operation. That’s significantly less than the GTO600C rated 14 ohms (with 180-watt output).

Still, as many speakers have different ratings depending on how they are driven, you might want to try out both models at your store before making any final decisions. This powered subwoofer has a particular rating. The only thing that can be done is to find the best sound. The volume may not always need to be loud, but it should definitely be clear and audible. If you are looking for a good budget option, then this one might suit your needs well enough, even if it isn’t perfect.

It’s still better than nothing because there would just be silence without anything, which can get boring or annoying fast! At the crossover point, a subwoofer driver utilizes key factors to ensure that all music genres are produced at particular frequencies to improve the listening experience of the listener. The next step is pretty simple as most any TV will have some kind of audio output on them these days, whether it’s via HDMI cable, Bluetooth connection, RCA cables, Optical cables, etc., so whatever you connect the speakers up to to play audio from that device usually takes care of.

Rockford Fosgate P400X0 Subwoofer

The Rockford Fosgate P400X0, on the other hand, has a great power rating and produces particular bass frequencies well. The bass is clean and clear, while the highs are crisp but not too harsh, so you don’t have to worry about having a headache after listening for hours on end. People who purchase this speaker can expect it to last them well over five years of use if properly taken care of because although it doesn’t come with any type of warranty, there’s still nothing else like that out in the market right now.

Hence, chances are really good that they’ll get their money’s worth from it which is more than what some other brands offer these days! Speakers should always match your TV size or car space size as an important consideration when making a purchase decision. Larger stereos require larger speakers capable of producing louder sound quality volumes. Rockford Fosgate P400X0 is a 400-watt RMS, 500-watt peak power bass system. You can use this to upgrade the sound of any factory speaker or home theater speakers with an awesome low end that will make you jump out of your seat and pump your fist in the air because it sounds so good!

If you enjoy listening to music at high volumes, there’s nothing better than upgrading from stock speakers to some quality subs. Imagine being able to feel every beat as if they were coming straight into your chest cavity, sometimes even causing goosebumps on the skin.

What is a Car Subwoofer

All the sounds worldwide have a frequency; this means higher frequencies typically produce higher-pitched sounds while low pitched sounds have very low frequencies. Most sound systems and speakers can not properly reproduce most low-frequency sounds, making most of the music sound flat. Well, what is a car subwoofer? A car subwoofer is a speaker which focuses on reproducing the low frequencies in music while amplified using some active and dedicated amplifiers. People who want to enjoy the feeling of bass in their music often install a subwoofer.

This type of speaker is particularly good for a low-frequency sound like the kick drum and deep voices and complements movie sound effects such as explosions with its powerful range from 20-200Hz. The difference between listening to regular audio devices versus one equipped with a woofer can be heard by comparing your favorite song on both types of speakers. You will notice that most songs won’t have quite as much punch or depth when you listen to them through just normal speakers because they lack this special “bass” component!

For those who like to feel the bass, a subwoofer can be just what you need. A good way to get more of your favorite songs is through an amplifier or another audio device that has been specially designed for this type of sound amplification.

There are things to consider if you wish to shop for a car stereo system/ subwoofer.

  • Enclosure type: A sealed enclosure of a sound system produces a much deeper bass. This is perfect for audio targeting mid and high frequencies. Most people prefer ported enclosures because they are louder and perfect for rap and house music genres.
  • Size: To get a deeper bass from your speaker, you should shop for a bigger subwoofer. The richer and more powerful your bass gets, the more thrilling it is. What space you have in a car will determine what size is right for your needs.
  • Sensitivity: this refers to how much power a speaker needs to generate a particular volume. This is expressed in high SPL ratings or sound pressure levels. High SPL ratings can be more sensitive, and therefore, they need less power to produce higher sounds.
  • Impedance: The subwoofer’s electrical resistance measurement is in ‘ohms’ – woofers and amp need to correlate in terms of impedance.
  • Power: RMS is the amount of bass a subwoofer can handle. The higher RMS, the more oomph in your music and movies!

Once you pick the perfect specs and install them, your car will sound so good. Subwoofers give a nice bass response to make sure that music sounds better than ever! With these high-quality subwoofers in my ride, I can hear all of those highs and lows without any distortion at higher volumes.

Tips of installing a Car Stereo System

The placement of a subwoofer in your car stereo is more complicated than placing it inside a room. The complexity behind finding the proper subwoofer placement during a car stereo installation can be challenging. The complications of positioning this speaker within your vehicle can be attributed to various configurations, which are not always possible or available.

However, you can put them wherever they will fit – such as far back with their grill facing up- then point towards that area from different angles until it sounds best. Sound quality should also improve when doing so. Your car audio systems do not essentially need a subwoofer, but without it, sound effects like the rustling of leaves will barely be audible. What does a subwoofer do to them? It makes less noticeable sounds in your favorite pop songs louder and clearer. Investing in one is certainly worth considering – just look for the most recommended brand so you’ll get good value for money!

Stereo systems in cars work similarly to home theater systems

You have the power to redefine how sound reverberates in your home. The first step is understanding that audio quality and clarity depend on where you are seated, which direction it’s coming from, or even who else might be listening to you. For example, an omnidirectional speaker design makes it possible for anyone sitting anywhere – no matter their location -to enjoy its rich, full frequency spectrum of highs, lows, and mids without any distortion whatsoever!

While some people may enjoy these qualities for certain kinds of music, that might not be great when listening to something else! Suppose there are any standing wave patterns on account of either bad positioning within the space or due to simply being too big for its good (possibly creating an excessive amount of noise). In that case, chances are pretty high; those would negatively impact whatever was meant to happen with all that pressure coming. Installing a subwoofer at home may take some work.

You should try placing it in different locations around your room. The best spots are corners that are next to a sound-absorption device or even some filled bookshelves to help reinforce the low bass frequencies. Understanding the environmental factors within your home, such as natural acoustics, comes in handy as it will help you find the best position for placing your home theater. Subwoofers are installed in the car trunk. Have you ever, while driving, pulled up alongside another vehicle playing music that is so bass-heavy that it makes your car shake? That’s exactly what a great subwoofer does. Vehicles have a pre-installed factory standard sound system which is based on their model and makes. Most of the sound systems have to be professionally installed, particularly as cars get more advanced.

Are subwoofers bad for your car?

Subwoofers are not bad for your car. You will probably need to have a good understanding of the two types of configurations, namely passive and active subwoofers. A passive subwoofer draws its power source from an external amplifier with enough power to maintain some great sound of deep bass effects through the subwoofer. On the other hand, an active subwoofer is designed with an amplifier built-in and needs an AC power outlet or source. Active subwoofers are often more powerful than passive ones. The other type of subwoofers is referred to as enclosed subwoofers. Enclosed car subwoofers are a game-changer. With these subs, you’ll never have to worry about selecting an enclosure separately again-it’s all in one place! You still need an external amp for powering everything (even though it doesn’t take up space).

Do subs make your music louder?

How they work – Subwoofers are connected to a preamplifier or an audio receiver which forms part of the car stereo systems. This causes vibrations that result in low frequencies that are sent out through the air. Subwoofers are actually a type of speaker that is designed to generate low-frequency waves. A subwoofer amplifies the current and converts it into sound through an electromagnetic coil to create vibrations on a driver’s cone, which produces very deep bass sounds.

These vibrations result in audible frequencies throughout all rooms near your stereo system or home theater setup! This helps reinforce the richness of sound produced by an existing system and adds more bass to it. Most subwoofers can be confusing regarding how they work if you have not seen any one of them in action. The frequency spectrum is wide and has so much depth that it can send vibrations down your spine or ripples through a jug of water. Subwoofers are speakers that use “woofers” within a specific diameter size. The variables such as the subwoofer’s base size or targeted frequency will ultimately determine how big they’ll be! One of the key components that allow subwoofers to achieve such a deep sound is that they can reduce or boost certain frequencies, which ensures that woofer cones on both your subs and speakers move in sync.


Subwoofers are often called the heart of a sound system, and it is hard to disagree. They produce low-frequency sounds that can fill up an entire vehicle with bass, which is typically what people want when they buy these systems for their cars or trucks. Powered subs will give you more bass and thus increase your music experience. You will certainly shift from hearing to feeling your favorite jam of music. Since there are different types of subwoofers sold in the market today, it is essential that you carry out proper research. Find a subwoofer that will meet your bass needs and also be within your budget. If you need help figuring out how best to use subwoofers in your car audio installation, reach out to us at our website today!