Rockville RWS12CA Review: Features, Benefits, Drawbacks & Customer’s Opinion

Rockville RWS12CA is never a joke in terms of bass capacity and sound. In this Rockville RWS12CA review, we will be looking at the features and other important aspects which you should know.

Are you an electronic music fan or a bass lover? You might be considering adding a subwoofer to your vehicle sound system. It does not matter what type of subwoofer it is regardless of its quality will always amplify the bass capacity in your car. In case you are particular about sound and if you are in need of getting the greatest value for your purchase, then you will be in need of a product that will give you more or less. This explains why you should consider going for the Rockville RWS12CA subwoofer.

Rockville RWS12CA is relatively small measuring 12 inches. However, despite its size, it has an RMS capacity of 400 watts. This 400 watts RMS capacity is capable of competing with much larger and modern modes.

Rockville RWS12CA
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We will be covering the following in Rockville RWS12CA review

  • Specifications
  • Who the Product is about?
  • What is Included in the Package
  • Features
  • How You Can Get Most Out of the RWS12CA
  • Consumer Reviews
  • The Pros and Cons
  • Alternatives
  • Conclusion

Specifications of Rockville RWS12CA

  • Weight: 31 Pounds
  • Impedance: 4-ohms
  • Peak Power Output: 1200 Watts
  • RMS: 400 Watts
  • Magnet motor structure: Super slim sealed

Who the Product is about?

The RWS12CA can be used by any person. In case you own a subwoofer or you have previously had one, then you are aware that RWS12CA will never let you down.

Its RMS capacity will please its fans and it will be running you less than models which do as much and as less does.

This subwoofer suits people w ho doesn’t want to eat most of the available space. This is because it is of small size that makes it fit anywhere you want. Since it packs you enough of punch bass wise for any experienced consumer, it is quite affordable and excellent for the new owners. Putting it together is quite easy and fast.

The RWS12CA comes with a guide which is of great help to the new users who want to set it up.  Just like using it, it is similarly very easy to assemble. This makes it a perfect subwoofer for both the new and experienced users.

What is Included in the Package

The Subwoofer

The RWS12CA 12” 1200 watt car powered subwoofer enclosure

The Amp

In case you did have a subwoofer before, then you are definitely aware that a subwoofer has two parts: the amp and the subwoofer proper. The amp has a duty of giving the subwoofer the right energy it requires for it to function well. With this model of subwoofer, you will have to attach the amp onto the subwoofer.

There are packages which come with the amp and the subwoofer already attached to one another while some do not. However, this is never a big deal.

If you are still new to using RWS12CA and planning to have the subwoofer installed by yourself, you need to be better off carry out less assembly although Rockville has made installation of this subwoofer to be possible even to the new users.

Features of Rockville RWS12CA


The Rockville RWS12CA has been designed to look like a tank that has a Kevlar reinforced pulp cone and a carbon graphite molded dust cap. It also has a matte custom black molded grill that comes with laminated foam that is stitched to the cone.  This whole subwoofer is normally housed inside the MDF cabinet that has anti vibration features. This helps it in reducing sonic resonance.  This subwoofer comes with an in built class AB 300 watts RMS. It means that you will have to supply power in order to get this subwoofer rocking. In general, the Rockville RWS12CA is a perfect car subwoofer that will deliver what you want at an affordable price.


The Rockville RWS12CA subwoofer is capable of delivering a pure power of up to 500 watts. It was specifically made to deliver tight and deep bass reproduction in an enclosed car space.  Having a normal RMS range of 300 watts at 4 ohms and a peak power of 500 watts, this speaker’s normal impedance stands at 4 ohms. It also comes with a 2 inch voice coil together with carbon graphite which has been inverted and in molded dust caps.


This RWS12CA does produce an impactful and solid bass especially when it is installed inside a car. It comes with a pretty wide frequency response of 30 Hz to 150 Hz and has an RMS power of 300 watts. Its bass which is reproduced from the subwoofer is deep, well defined and clean. The bass has a very tight impact and goes very low. The bass amount that is reproduced by the subwoofer is enough to completely shake the entire car and disrupt the neighbors from their sleep.

It will add lots of punch to the heavy genres of music including hip hop, rock and the electronic dance music.  The music sound beats did accentuate with the bass and the deep response goes low without muddying or destroying the midrange frequencies.

How You Can Get Most Out of the RWS12CA

After the RWS12CA subwoofer has been set up, you will be in a good shape. However, getting to the installation point can at times be a great challenge.  For example, you will be confronted by a number of cords and unrelated disparate parts immediately you open the box.

Majority of the user reviews do reveal that it is achievable to assemble this subwoofer even for the users who are uninitiated. However, they will still need to take some doing. When you follow the user guideline well, you will be in good shape.

Consumer reviews from amazon

“The setup process of RWS12CA is self-explanatory especially if you know the different wires and where you can plug them. The bass nob is the main thing that did stand out concerning these speakers at first glance. It is incredibly convenient to know how much the bass the speakers are able to produce with the turn of the nob,” revealed Stacy Christine.

“The RWS12CA is quite impressive. One of my friends did reveal that the cabinet is worth as much as the entire unit. To be honest, this sub really pumps after you have set it up. I did buy this brand since it is self-contained and very slim in its design. It is a perfect fit subwoofer and will make a deep and good quality bass,” said Mohammed.

“At first, I looked down upon this subwoofer. However, when I was traveling I my work partner car, I was really surprised by its performance. End month, I did purchase the RWS12CA and have never regretted my decision. I went straight to Amazon and gave it a 5 out of 5 ratings,” Said Peter.

The Pros and Cons


  • It is user friendly
  • It is very easy to set up and use
  • Quite affordable hence; even people on tight budget can afford it
  • Produces high bass output which is relative to its size


  • It is not that durable and can easily break down if not maintained well
  • Has a little lower output bass when compared to other models in the market.


The RWS12CA package comes complete together with an amplifier that is enclosed in an ultra-slim enclosure. It is a slim and compact system which is very easy to install especially on the broad car spaces. The enclosure of this subwoofer is an MDF cabinet and is well covered with a black aviation-grade tweet carpet. This is what makes this subwoofer durable and gives the user a transparent and robust bass that offers you a great experience with music whenever traveling.

We hope that this Rockville RWS12CA review has been of great help to you and you can now make an informed decision when shopping for a subwoofer in the near future.